For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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My grandmother had a beautiful painting of deer drinking from a pond under a full moon. It was the best version of painting on black velvet I'd ever seen. Better than Velvis, Textural Jesus, or Sad-Eyed Clown Puppy.
I think 3/4ths of us at our atheist meeting yesterday were wearing black. It was a wee bit too hot for velvet, though. I may put in a word for silk.
"Velour. Yes, perfect for a man's shirt with a plunging vee-neck, set off by an ostentatious large medallion on a leather cord. Or am I thinking of velvet? Oh, no, velvet is for canvases for painting unicorns or leopards on, I think."

and paintings of Elvis.

Velour is for seat covers in cheap cars.
I'm hungry. Know any good restaurants?
Imma let you finish, but Kanye is the best interrupter of all time.

Talking about interrupters makes me think of Kanye. XD
Imma let you finish, Jennifer but RickR0ll is the best internet meme of all time. Better than the Hitler parody of Kanye interupting.

The leg shaving social convention led to one of my most-regretted "logical" decisions of all time.  Around 5th grade, I thought:  Leg-hair is bad; legs are extremities just like arms; people see my arms more than my legs; therefore, arm-hair is also bad, and I should shave my arms.

The only bright spot is that I didn't extend this thought process to my eyebrows.

Unsolicited advice. Generally, if I want people's advice, I'll beat it out of them.
Assumptions. Not always just about me. 99.9% of assumptions about me have been wrong. Just as high a percentage of assumptions about X have also been wrong.

There's more, but these two would like to be taken out for some fresh air.
I hate unsolicited advice too (the inverse to people who ask for your advice and then reject it!). I had a family friend who would always give hours worth of know-it-all advice despite that her life was a trainwreck. I usually find most advice useless. Look at all the self-help books that have the exact opposite advice...
I've learned to just drone it out, agree occasionally, and then change the topic. >.>
on selp help and the secret, etc... a religious friend of mine has been doing weekend and 1-week seminars, costing her thousands and thousands and thousands... She emailed me last week, «I'm in financial troubles cuz of all the spending on these seminars, with no revenues to show for it... never thought I'd be in this place...»

I abstained from saying I told you so... cuz I advised against all that crap early on, she didn't take my advice, which was certainly her prerogative, but next time she may chose to take my advice!
Ad me to the list of people who really, really, really dislike unsolicited advice. My normal response is, "Well, thank you very much for that unsolicited advice. You can't imagine how much I appreciate somebody telling me how to live my life!"




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