For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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people who say "this country" (when on a site with people from all over the world), when they mean the US
I do, however, agree with you about the "spiritual but not religious" brigade.
Mine among atheists: singularitarians! and space travellers
Just because you are peeved by me, I am not going back to my home planet yet.
Are you one of those reptilians from the brothers of whatever conspiracy? :)
Hey, I only have scales because my skin is dry.
Mine is museum of art tour guides....*grumble* I can't stand listening to old woman who can't draw to save their lives talking about art as if it's all so profound and complicated. It bugs me even more when people do it to my art cause I usually do weird and discusting things.
I'm gonna say right now that most, if not all, of my art was done purely cause I thought it would look awesome and not because I have a deep seeded emotional problem. I don't use black to represent lonliness, or draw people with desserts spilling out of their guts because I'm insane...>.>
More artists than you think are probably high and not thinking anything at all when they paint actually.
My ex had to be drunk in order to do art. >.X
My main pet peeve is people. They seem to be everywhere. Why don't they just go away.

I'm also not crazy about emails, forum topics, or blog posts that are titled "Important!!!" or "This is an interesting topic" or "Something to think about". You never know unless you open them if they are worth your time or not. I always want to answer the "Important!!!" titled email with a one-liner "If it's importnat, then please include the topic in the title dammit" or 'If this is an interesting topic, then include it in the fucking title". But I don't. The fact that I don't is also my pet peeve.

By the way, this topic says in the title what it is - cool!
Ooh, that is one of my biggest peeves on this site (or most sites) too.

Create a discussion with a mysterious title like "Read this now!" and then in the post only include a link to some other website. You risk bodily harm, and at least a very grumpy comment, by making me click twice just to find out what you think is so important.
Yeah, like ALL advertising!
People who use "to" when they mean "too",
People who never use their vehicle signal lights - expecting the rest of us to just Know what direction they have in mind!
People who leave their cars running... regardless of weather, or time of day (I'm trying to sleep here you diesel monster truck-owning bastard!)
People who know nothing about you but feel entitled to tell you how to live &/or what's wrong with your life.
People who don't say thanks when I've held the door open for them.
People who whine about how hard their lives are when they are healthy, have a good job, and more than enough $ to cover their needs.
People who play tonsil hockey for extended periods in public -ah, No thanks!
People who think women have gained equality (ha haha!) and should just shut up about it, already!
Mr. Harper - the PM of Canada - Major peeve -> egotist -> delusional -> favours limited thought and limited opportunities for anyone who is not one of his cronies ...


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