For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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The second one made me want to give myself multiple concussions

I is bewildering how they could make vampires so uninteresting!
By never having any of the vampires do anything but talk and sparkle. >.X

Gimme mah Anne Rice!
Anne Rice!

Hands down!
oh good ones! I make plenty of typing typos, but those are evil!
I'm the opposite. Language is art - there's no "right" way to do it. When people nitpick my grammar, it always sounds to me like they're saying "but NO! Beethoven didn't use syncopation, so we can't either!"
For some reason, I cannot fathom why, I will sometimes mess up on the their/there and they're thing. It is an unconcious mistake and I do know better.

Note: I was feeling a bit self concious telling you this in writing knowing now that you are a grammar nazi. I have the same problem writing to my father in law who is an English Professor.

That book has ruined what was once a nice descriptive word for the transition of night to day and day to night. :| I have a friend who has a working title for his book with the word in it. I'm glad it's just a working title. x.x

As a woman and a former grocery cashier I am So with you on this one - but I must point out Old men love to do this too, except they use odd little change holders that DoNot Want to release the coins - that or bills that smell of pee! I LOVED it when people would re-count the change 2 or 3 time just to be sure! Grrrrr!
bills smelling of pee........ ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Funk Q:I get really annoyed by women

Oh, but only a woman can be a true misogynist like me.
You might be able to get a dispensation, or maybe you can renounce your Honorary Lesbian status.
Be a bit more specific like instead of "women" "soccer mums at the checkout" XD or all the feminist will jump on you.


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