For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is how many people can't spell "lose". It's so bad, it's like a typographical error epidemic has been loosed on the world.

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I agree. While living in the islands, "aksing" was actually the most common way of saying 'asking', so I got entirely used to it.

I find it interesting the way languages get modified by geographical factors. As much as possible I distinguish between linguistic 'mistakes' (lazyness) from linguistic variation.

We also have an interesting case up in New-Brunswick. French was pretty much banned for a while, so all the francophones began to speak english, peppered with french expressions they were'nt able to translate. Then when French recovered politically and became OK, those people went back to speaking French. So they were speaking incorrect English, then switched to French, but having forgotten French over a few generations, their version of French was peppered with English!

And you end up with Shiak! A hybrid between French and English, spoken by people who may or may not even speak correct French or English. In some ways similar to creole, but without the black tongue aspect...

But there's just no excuse for ridiculous ones like 'irregardless' and 'heigth" arrg!
That's the entire French language and surely others!!!!!!
No, the attitude, especially when it comes to English not entire other languages. I know that the French language (and I'm pretty sure German language) has a group of people that select words to ban in order to maintain language purity. This is something I would hate to see enter my language. The legacy of the English language is its ability to absorb words from other languages, and the way it lends itself towards word (especially verb) creation.
I find it's quite useful to have a formal way of speaking/writing for certain situations as opposed to normal every day speech. It's taken me years to rid my formal papers of informal speech/slang that I didn't even know was informal/slang until a teacher marked me down for it. Gah! That was certainly a pet peeve of mine back in high school and university - lack of grammar/syntax instruction.
The English language is like the Borg.
People who mess with their iPhone/Blackberry when they are talking to you
Talking to recordings in the telephone
Noisy eaters
Muscle heads
People who make out five millimeters from your face
Reality shows
People who are rude to service
Books on tape
The electric slide
Women who wear "I kissed your boyfriend" or other slutty novelty shirts, novelty shirts are meant to be snarky and creative
People who steal your parking spot
Looking for a parking spot in Manhattan
There's only one novelty shirt I want: "I used to be f***ing stupid, but then we broke up." However, I refuse to wear any shirt with inappropriate language.
My biggest pet peeve is lying to kids about superstitions like hell,heaven,god,tooth fairy,santa ect.I'm 13 and when I was younger everyone lied to me about this.
Santa's not real? D=

*runs off crying* Now I'll never get to be Mrs. Claus.
Those fancy modern toilet seats that hug my ass! You know the ones, usually commercial design (front open), with that curl upwards at the back.

See, I did some research on the bloody thing and it turns out that that "opening" at the front of commercial seats is actually LAW, yes law, in the USA at least. They were designed that way so the penis could hang low without touching the seat. It is based on prudish behaviour of women who do not want their skin to be where his penis has been!!!!!!!

Now given that for hygienic reasons and penis reasons, we want the least amount of contact with any given seat, WHY THE FUCK TO THEY INSTALL TOILET SEATS THAT HUG/CARESS MY ASS!

Just fucking blows my mind, sorry for the fucks but that one really gets to me! as you can tell :)
women who do not want their skin to be where his penis has been!!!!!!!

Uh...I'm not real sure I want my johnson hanging around some other dude's dick (who knows where it's been). OTOH, I'm not all that adverse to something that wants to hug my ass.
However, I do have a potty peeve - the fucking spring loaded TP dispensers that you only get a couple of plies of butt wipe at a time.




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