Since everything will closed... and its not really a holiday we care anything about... just how do you plan on spending the bah humbug?

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Work... unfortunately. Except for the 25th.

I plan to make as much money off of these superstitious suckers as is possible during this season!
So, merry Christmas! Give me your money.

It's new years I look forward to! Now THAT is my celebration time!

I might try to suck in as much dough out of these people as I can during easter as well. They seem to attribute their holidays with spending LOTS of money... and who am I not to accept it?

We all have to eat... and the eating is good when the blind throw their cash around!
My mom asked me to come over for dinner... but i said no.. i just feel by doing so im celebrating the holiday... she never invites me over otherwise and she's obviously making a big deal out of it. Ill prolly go buy some DVDs or do some OnDemand movies for the day. I think the theater will be open.. maybe Ill go do that.
Besides kicking around the Holiday Blues, I'm thinking now it might be a good day to test my new idea for homeless-hobo-bath: Take the RV out on BLM land, get some fire wood, heat up the water that way.

Yes, a day of sitting by a campfire, reading, feeding my brain, far from other people. Mmmmmm......
Ahhh, yes, no better homeless-hobo bath than one by campfire. Wet hair, campfire smell on my clothes, no creepy, drunken, Jesus-thumpers knocking on my RV door in dark parking lots asking to come in. Just me, the cats and the desert. Should be a blissful couple of days!
What I did on National All The Stores Are Inconveniently Closed Day:

Hardly did any reading even. Too much joy in playing with the campfire, watching the cats and simply enjoying not being around any annoying Xmas music or dysfunctional, stressed-out, Xian and New-Age-But-Closet-Xian family members.

I believe the cat is saying "Why the hell do I have to be in her pictures?"
Well, more like I know how to be a hermit, and enjoy myself doing it.

Truly did forget how easily entertained I am by a simple campfire. Will need to do this several more times this Winter!
Well, I'm one of the few people that doesn't have a choice. My wife's going to celebrate the holiday season and we're going to have a tree with presents whether I like it or not. So when in Rome, as they say. I must say I enjoy buying and receiving gifts. I celebrate the seasons, she celebrates what ever she wants. Joy, joy.

Oh, Season's Greetings everyone.
Working on the 25th, its just another day
Ever since I started watching other's animals over the holidays while they are doing the holiday thing with family, I have found I don't hate the holidays anymore. I get to spend the holidays with furry friends who are fellow atheists.
Blissful, beautiful solitude... with pumpkin bread and Dawkin's new book. :D
Been and gone according to plan.:

Xmas eve ,dinner with friends and one of their twin girls.The other was at church,having been afflicted with evangelical Christianity at the university law school. Livid father, a senior prosecutor (like a US ADA) is thinking of suing the university and obtaining psychiatric help for his daughter.Just bluster; he'll just send her to Europe on holidays.:0)

Xmas day was spent with family. Lunch theme was seafood;oysters, prawns,(shrimp) crab,scallops, cray fish (lobster), and schnapper, plus the usual turkey and ham,with plum pudding and brandy sauce to finish.

I am now at home and feeling a little torpid. I think I'll have a nice lie down
I have dragged every item of 'junk' out of the 'junk' room and have spent the last 20 hours, awake, hyper and in a major rearranging, 'put it in order' mood. By the 24th I am usually so tired of tensing my jaw and having my brain invaded by 'holiday' music, and religious zealots, that I have to release my energy without harming any little xtians and so I tear apart the house and put it back together. And it is nice to start the next year off with a clean house.


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