Here are a few of mine.  You can call me on them if I am wrong.

1.  The Republican slate will be Romney / Santorum.

2.  The Democrat slate will be Obama / Clinton.

3.  The Catholic church will have a new pope by year's end.

4.  The Measure 8 case in California will end with the marriage equality side losing.

5.  There will be a massive flood in Bangladesh.

6.  Sears and Kmart will completely cease to exist.

7.  The economy will improve, but not by much.

8.  Occupy protesters will make the Rebublican convention look like the 1968 Democrat convention.

9.  A massive hurricane will hit Miami.

10.  Washington State will pass same sex marriage.

I'm not being snarky here, and trying not to state the overly obvious, like "there will be a republican sex scandal" or "the US presidential election will be contentious and close'.  None of these is overtly wishful thinking (except #2 and maybe #7).  I tried not to  be overly general.

What are your predictions?

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The end of the world -- nah just kidding -- thought I'd make a Harold Camping joke. It seems like he's giving up on the predictions now. Good thing too -- he was always wrong.

Your predictions look good -- some of those are already in the works (Sears and Kmart closing stores and such). I know sex scandal will be happening or continue to happen. I'll try to think of some others.

Hm. I predict the world will not end.

Very reassuring. It takes a big load off my mind!!

1. More and severe natural disasters will occur as a result of global warming with the Republicans in open denial.

2. Obama/Biden will narrowly defeat Romney/Paul.

3. China will emerge as the #1 world economy.

4. They Syrian government will collapse

5. The Arab Spring will turn into the Arab Winter as religious fundamentalists are voted into power in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

6. India and Pakistan will have open border warfare as the government in Pakistan loses internal control to the military.

7. Fracking for natural gas will increase exponentially in the US, causing long term environmental damage to the water supply.

8. The European Union will slide further into financial crisis, with the Euro ceasing to exist as a currency.

9. Gay marriage will be recognized by 4 or 5 more states, causing an eventual acceptance nationwide.

10. We'll all still be here on 12/22/12, after the doomsayers make off with a crap load of money on the books and videos marketing the Mayan "prediction" of the end of the world on 12/21/12.

Great list!  None of these will surprise me too much.  Except maybe Paul on the Romney ticket.  My thought is Santorum would be Romney's Quayle, or even his Palin (although that didn't work out) - someone to give fundamentalist cred to the antimormon republicans and fire up that constituency. We'll see....

The fracking issue breaks my heart.  They should call it fucking, since it will fuck up the environment.  Like Battlestar Galactica used frack as a substitute for fuck.

You are optimistic on #9.  I hope you are right!

I suspect you are right about Syria, then it will go fundy too!

Very good list Pat. I'll point out just #s 6 and 8 as being among the scariest things that can happen. If I were to make a list I think a global economic slump would be on there, with the European Union perhaps collapsing as well. And I think that might be precipitated by another huge bursting of a financial bubble. I would also worry a lot about civil unrest here in the US if we hit another economic wall.

I don't think Clinton will get onto Obama's ticket.  I think she likes where she is and may, indeed, retire sometime into Obama's second term (yeah, he'll win it in a squeaker).

Santorum has too many negatives to make it onto Romney's ticket, and too many of Paul's positions are too radical. Most likely, it'll be Romney, but the VP spot is up for grabs, big-time.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of Prop 8, it'll hit the fan in a way it hasn't hit the fan since Hector was a pup. There will be calls for impeachment of judges, and they will have muscle (and bucks!) behind them.

That's all I've got for the moment.

You may well be right!  As I note above, I wonder if Santorum could be the Quayle of 2012.   I don't know - did Cheney's negatives hurt Bush?  I will certainly be happier without Santorum on ANY ticket.  But then who will it be?  Palin (as Mr. Bill would say, "Oh No, Not That!")?  A "Palin surprise" then - a relative unknown?  Not Huntsman for certain, then it would be an all-Mormon ticket, and fundys would be way too horrified.

Never heard that expression about Hector - will add to my personal folk expressions!  Thanks!

As for 8 and SCOTUS, you are WAY more optimistic than I am.  I hope you are right!

The whole Prop 8 thing has the potential of being very dangerous.  The opinion written by the judge who overturned Prop 8 was exceptionally well thought out from the point of view of rights and what should and should not be legislated.  If the catholics on the court decide to overturn Judge Vaughn Walker's decision and let Prop 8 stand, it will be the first time in US history that discrimination against a minority has been found to be constitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

I would fully expect a reaction which would make Stonewall look like a walk in the park.

How about the Dred Scott decision?

"The United States Supreme Court ruled seven to two against Scott, finding that neither he, nor any person of African ancestry, could claim citizenship in the United States, and therefore Scott could not bring suit in federal court under diversity of citizenship rules"

Still I hope you are right.

Good point.  It's been a while since the Supreme Court has been quite so stupid.  I hope they can be bothered to learn not just from history, but from the momentum of rights which have been developing over the past 100 years - of black men, of women, and now of the GLBT community.

An untoward decision on the matter of Prop 8 would be tantamount to sowing the wind ... and I shudder to think of the whirlwind which would spawned from that.

Same sex marriage is now legal in a few states.

SCOTUS can block it only by refusing to comply with the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit Clause (Article IV Section 1), which requires states to honor the actions of other states.

Same sex marriage has not yet been litigated between any states, so the FF&C Clause has not yet been tested on the issue.




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