Here are a few of mine.  You can call me on them if I am wrong.

1.  The Republican slate will be Romney / Santorum.

2.  The Democrat slate will be Obama / Clinton.

3.  The Catholic church will have a new pope by year's end.

4.  The Measure 8 case in California will end with the marriage equality side losing.

5.  There will be a massive flood in Bangladesh.

6.  Sears and Kmart will completely cease to exist.

7.  The economy will improve, but not by much.

8.  Occupy protesters will make the Rebublican convention look like the 1968 Democrat convention.

9.  A massive hurricane will hit Miami.

10.  Washington State will pass same sex marriage.

I'm not being snarky here, and trying not to state the overly obvious, like "there will be a republican sex scandal" or "the US presidential election will be contentious and close'.  None of these is overtly wishful thinking (except #2 and maybe #7).  I tried not to  be overly general.

What are your predictions?

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Excellent point. I want to see how the conservative SCOTUS will wiggle their way out of upholding the Full Faith and Credit Clause. Especially considering that clause requires a state that has outlawed common law marriage e.g. Illinois and California, to recognize as a valid marriage a common law marriage legally entered into in States that recognize it e.g. South Carolina and Alabama. Or, first cousin marriage in Kentucky (yeah, it really is legal there).

Very interesting way to look at it!  Thanks for commenting!  So DOMA is unconstitutional?

In my humble and legal opinion, yes. A federal statute can not trump the Constitution. Period.

Happy New Year!

My predictions are that

1. Climate Destabilization will continue to surprise us, not in a good way.

2. Corporate-sponsored takeover of the US and state governments will reach new milestones.

3. Occupy will grow.

4. The Chinese will invent ever new ways to take US jobs, increasing their economic power on US soil, while the Obama Administration will continue to weaken our economy  by depending on military actions to distract voters from our dwindling global position.

5. I'll get a year older, and enjoy my new cats.

Haha, good list Ruth! Aside from #5, pretty scary stuff. And I think they will all come to pass.

That is a good list Ruth! A lot of that stuff is in progress now. We are seeing it happen.

Good luck on your new pets!

1. Obama's backbone will continue to grow.

2. Repubs with any ability won't challenge Obama. Not wanting to lose, they'll wait until 2016.

3. Climate change deniers will stop denying it after they've sold their waterfront land to fundy xians. The seas will rise and, ...and guess what.

4. The American Empire will continue its slide to second world status.

I hope you are right about #1.  You probably are right with #2.  Makes me wonder about who?  Often it's whoever is most persistent in previous elections.  #3, we will see!  #4.  Possibly.  Obama planning on military downsizing.  A statesman would work on ensuring a safe place in the world for a less monolithic powerful US.  I don't know whether the future president Kardashian will have the ability to return the US to our former economic, intellectual, industrial, and military supremacy.  We'll see in 2016.  

I don't know on 7 out of 10 due to lack of indigenous knowledge. I don't know of any scientific basis for predicting floods, hurricanes or any reason 'what's his name' will be dead.

I will predict that in 2012
1) The general election campaigns will be the most expensive and nastiest in the nation's history.
2) Obama will win with Biden as his VP.
3) Obama will use his Presidential powers more often to counter the foot dragging House.
4) The Occupy movement will grow (in the spring) with specific goals.
5) The religious right will become more aggressive under Dominionist influence.
6) Israel will attack Iran with massive destruction of their military assets.
7) India and Pakistan will increase the hostilities on the borders and in Kashmir.
8) Iraq will be mired in civil war. (or more correctly, uncivil war)
9) the Euro will be reduced to chump change.
10) More state supreme courts will challenge the Citizens United ruling.

A pretty good list Jim. I would even go so far as to say that India and Pakistan might erupt into a full-blown war, which India will win again. I think the rest of your list is spot on.

#5-9 make this a worrisome list.  We'll have to check off your predictions as we progress through 1012.  #1 I have no doubt you will be on target.  #2 would be fine with me, we'll see.  #3.  maybe the house will be the same party as the president?  they will still drag their feet tho.  




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