Here are a few of mine.  You can call me on them if I am wrong.

1.  The Republican slate will be Romney / Santorum.

2.  The Democrat slate will be Obama / Clinton.

3.  The Catholic church will have a new pope by year's end.

4.  The Measure 8 case in California will end with the marriage equality side losing.

5.  There will be a massive flood in Bangladesh.

6.  Sears and Kmart will completely cease to exist.

7.  The economy will improve, but not by much.

8.  Occupy protesters will make the Rebublican convention look like the 1968 Democrat convention.

9.  A massive hurricane will hit Miami.

10.  Washington State will pass same sex marriage.

I'm not being snarky here, and trying not to state the overly obvious, like "there will be a republican sex scandal" or "the US presidential election will be contentious and close'.  None of these is overtly wishful thinking (except #2 and maybe #7).  I tried not to  be overly general.

What are your predictions?

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1. Presidential candidates on both sides of the spectrum will make radical campaign promises to their base. My prediction for 2013 is that these promises will be broken by the winner.

2. There will be Atlantic Hurricanes. Some of these will make landfall.

3. There will be a mass shooting somewhere in the US by a mentally disturbed individual, reviving the debates over gun control, media violence and official culpability.

4. Kim Jong Un will assert his authority by staging a provocative, aggressive act against South Korea, stopping short of open conflict.

5. A sudden escalation of sectarian violence in Iraq will lead to foreign intervention.

6. Some famous person will get married, there will be lots of hooplah over it, followed by an abrupt divorce, reaffirming the sanctity of marriage.

7. Scientists will find a cure for the spreading of Santorum.

8. Scientists will discover even more new planets that existed before the biblical creation of the universe.

9. Jesus will return to Earth, apologize for all of the atrocities committed by stupid people in his name, and light a doobie.

10. 2012 New Year's Eve will be epic!

Interesting lists people.  Here is mine. 

1. Hunstman will make a surprising showing and the Repubs will have a Mo/Mo ticket after a mini civil war in Ogden Utah.
2. Obama, with nothing to lose after reelection, will kick serious Boehner ass.

3. Polls will indicate a John Stewart/Steven Colbert ticket would have won had they run.
4. Marijuana will become legal in the US throwing the drug cartels into chaos and decline.
5. Vatican will start making exceptions for married and women priests.
6. Bollywood will pull another Slumdog Millionaire when the movie Shantaram comes out.
7. As Sentient predicted, floods in Bangladesh and possibly Viet Nam.
8. Apple will come out with a device that is voice controlled.
9. World atheist population will double.
10. A celebrity will name a child Ritalin Tampon.

11. Arrested development will return.

Number ten, AnneT

that's the best baby name ever!

cure for Santorum, lol!  

 A massive concrete island heat-wave will hit Miami in the summer or in a few days
aaaand... the water from the ocean surge next october will f up car garages etc. in ft. laud fl. ?
did i mention the NAVY has a bio-fuel fleet(s) in dev? pacific.. cooL!

1. It will be followed by 2013.

2. Most predictions about 2012 will be wrong.

3. The weather will do wierd stuff in various places around the globe.

4. There will be several disasters that grab headlines until a celebrity scandal takes over the news.

5. People will use the newest technology to complain about how things were better in the "old days" (whenever the heck that was?)

7. At the end of 2012 I'll make some vague predictions for 2013!




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