I discovered a brilliant new way to avoid  having xians ring my doorbell in attempt to share the good news with me.  Just now, I was in my kitchen, washing dishes and finding something to eat, when I looked out the large window above my sink.  Two men were approaching with bibles in hand.  Then, I realized they saw me.  We made eye contact and I gave them a big smile.  They stopped dead in their tracks and looked down, then slowly turned and walked away.  I can only assume this is because I was not wearing a shirt, or a bra.  Perhaps from this point on I will be answering the door shirtless.  Should give the mormon boys something to talk about.


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This is so simple and elegant...it's like genius!!! Boobies, historically have been xtian repellent. Why did I not think of this???
I know!  I mean, it's awesome to be at a party and go to the door topless to greet the pizza delivery guy, but this is even more fun!
That story is funny.  You scared them away!  : )
Very nice, but I think the easiest way for a guy to put up a repellent front would be to slap on some sloppy lipstick and blue eyeshadow before answering the door.  You could terrify them.
They aren't really big, but there ain't nothing wrong with em:)

You have to love the moment a morman boy is felled with the momentary idea....I'd rather stuff my face into these glorious tits than finger through these idiot pages....

A guy some years ago told me that when some xians came to his place, he told them he practiced cannibalism and invited them in for lunch. Wearing a chef's hat and taking a large kitchen knife to the door with him would have been persuasive.


Has anyone heard of any xians who later saw their foolishness and wrote books about what people had told them or done to them?


A book like that would be a good read Tom.  

My poor memory doesn't remember any interesting encounters at the door when I went on a proselytizing mission for the mormon church, except one mild one.  The guy was probably trying to get rid of us by reciting a short poem he knew about urinating. "No matter how much you jump and dance, you always get some in your pants."

At long last, something good about boobs . . . .

Hahahaha!!!! Awesome!
LOL!!  I love it.  Too bad I can't do the samething.
I think you might get the same effect if you answered the door shirtless and wearing a matching bra and slip.




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