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Before I watched the video, I thought: "How about our own births? How about our increasing knowledge - knowledge which takes humanity from being in the dark, to being in a better light? How about when dying,  leaving the world a better place than it was, thanks to out brief time on earth?" The video says some similar things.

I think you got the video's message even before you watched it. ')

I'm a die-hard atheist and I just don't care about this nonsense.  I'm not that serious about Christmas (duh), but I celebrate it ostensibly with my relatives who are Christian.  We all get along.  Life is too short to care about this.  As far as I'm concerned Christians value life less than I do (after all they think it continues after death, so I'm pretty sure I cherish it more), and Christian heterosexuals ruined the institution of marriage (e.g. the ubiquitous boy in the airport bathroom scandal among Rep. fundies) way before gay people starting asking for marriage rights.

These guys have to lighten up.  I'll be giving Easter presents to my nieces and nephew, 'cause they're raised Catholic and believe in the Easter bunny.  All of this, just, ugh.

I took it more as them pushing science and the value of this life rather than speaking against celebrating easter bunny or xmas.  Perhaps it was too dramatically edited for your tastes.

Atheists can celebrate every day. It's great to be an Atheist.

Yay! Celebrate! Napoleon is right -- it's great to be an Atheist!

Yes!  Everyday is a celebration, and it should be.  The odds of any of us being here at all are so remote, so infinitesimally small as to make winning the lottery seem commonplace by comparison.  We should revel in the simple fact of our own existence and what's more, we should revel in the fact that we are able to revel in it at all!  It is a stupendous realization and one that a person really cannot understand as long as they are operating under the delusion that we are here by design. 

Think about it for a moment; who ever is reading these posts, an unbroken chain of events begun billions and billions of years ago, each occuring in a specific way, in a specific order, at a specific time put you here in this place at this time and everything that you do will contribute to the furtherance of that chain of events that will continue to the end of time.  One single interruption or deviation and you or I may never have existed at all.  When you look at those kinds of odds, we, none of us, should be here at all and yet here we we are.  If that is not a thing worthy of celebration then what is?

Thanks for the great video. It doesn't talk about celebratory events, though, such as HumanLight or Darwin Day. Why not designate a day to celebrate our multi-level connections that Neil deGrasseTyson discusses? Perhaps some mid July day, since we already have HumanLight in December. I have a ritual of human connection that could be modified. It's a ceremony around a ribbon column, which stands for humanity from it's evolutionary origins (at the bottom) to it's future possibilities (at the top). Each individual speaks of a personal experience, or value that shows how he/she cherishes the Earth and Humanity, and pins a ribbon from his/her chest to the column. When the column is touched, heartbeat sounds reverberate. There's music too. Anybody propose a good name for a celebration of connection?

Don't forget we have a HumanLight group, Celebrate.

Speaking of our multi-level connections, Brian Cox introduces another level of our connection to the whole universe, discussing the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

Anyone who really thinks a god is required to celebrate life is deluded.  If anything, I celebrate that, despite millenia of ignorance being forced on people by priests, politicians, gurus, and shamans, I live in an age when homo sapiens developed the capacity to understand that the source of life is not the whim of an unthinkably cruel, dysfunctional, childish, hateful, omnipotent omniscient deity who rewards his special favorites with the opportunity to kiss his ass throughout eternity, while punishing those who just didn't get the "special light" with horrendous eternal torture, murdering and torturing untold numbers of living humans in the process, all the while claiming to be loving.

To be able to celebrate that there is beauty in the world, that we are creatures capable of appreciating that beauty, and pleasure, and connectedness to one another and other creatures, to be given an occasional moment of joy, and appreciation for the human capacity to learn and create progress despite our earlier ignorance, is a wonderful thing.  Evolution gave us vision, hearing, taste, touch, a capacity to learn, sensuality, and emotion that make life worth living.  The guy stating otherwise is just pathetic.

I agree with you all.  Can't think of anything to add.

"What can an atheist possibly celebrate?"

How about: Any Damned Thing I Feel Like Celebrating!!!  Anybody got a problem with that?




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