What Christopher Hitchens meant to me cannot really be described in words. He was such an amazing human being and I cannot believe he is really gone. Over the past few months he had even exchanged emails me with me on a couple of occasions. He was truly a hero.

Christopher Hitchens was a man of courage and honor. Hitch always spoke his mind and took the fight to religious bigotry and was unapologetic about it. In addition, he was not a cultural relativist or an Islamic apologist like is the case with many atheists. He called Islamic ideology for what it truly was: totalitarianism and oppression. In addition, he was a great friend for freedom and democracy and although he was a leftist all his life, he stood and supported the Iraqi people for their quest for freedom - particularly the great Kurdish people. And as an Iranian, he was a great friend of the Iranian people and it is a shame that he was not able to see a free Iran in his lifetime. Most importantly: he was genuine and one of the most insightful and intelligent human beings I have ever heard whom possessed great insight and a realistic foresight of world problems.

I will write more on him later but he was truly a hero of mine and I don't have any other heroes. He was someone that inspired me in ways that cannot be expressed. For the rest of my life, I will try to live with his ideals and inspiration as much as I can. To be honest, right now has become one of the gloomiest and darkest days, and my heart feels empty.

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My opinion, our first modern atheist saint.  He taught me to say, religion poisons everything, which is the Gospel of St. Christopher.

The catholics already have their St. Christopher.  Perhaps he should be known as St. Hitch!

I learned a LOT from Hitch, though a lot of it I wonder if I could keep all that he had to teach in my head.  He was way more well read than I am, and had an amazing grasp of it all, and he brought that arsenal of knowledge to bear with such skill and wit that I continue to be astonished to this sad day.

He was ALIVE in the truest sense of the word, alive with knowledge and the thirst for more of it, and the willingness and ability to argue for where he stood, giving no quarter.

I am in awe of the man ... suspect I will be for a long, long while.

Brilliant, eloquent, courageous.  Everything I admire most in a person.  That was Hitch.

He was very smart and such a good writer!He will be missed.

Hitchens showed me the importance of always letting rationality, self-criticism, doubts and scepticism inform our beliefs, judgements and actions. He also showed me the importance of free speech, courage, and honesty... even if it means being abrasive.

And bloody hell was that bastard eloquent and entertaining.

I'll really miss him.

One of the things that I read about him in a recent article is that, as he neared death, if he ever mentioned or alluded to a belief in god was to tell the people that it was the medications, a delusion... that the Hitch he knew would never say such things if he was in his right mind.  But there was nothing to worry about... even with the medications and the sickness, he stayed true until the end.  The world has lost a great man at far too young an age.  :(

Hitchens was a prolific atheist, an astute writer and an intelligent man. However, to describe him as such, most will agree, are mere euphemisms. As many have rightly said, Hitchens is the Johnny Walker Black of atheists, except no substitutes. Goodbye, Christopher Hitchens, one of the greatest, most intelligent, astute and eloquent of atheists.




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