Artificial Intelligence Shows Why Atheism Is Unpopular

Bad news, folks! The US may become even less secular. Right now the GOP controlled government is making us less secure, less free, and attacking education and pluralism.

...the team found that people tend to secularize when four factors are present: existential security (you have enough money and food), personal freedom (you’re free to choose whether to believe or not), pluralism (you have a welcoming attitude to diversity), and education (you’ve got some training in the sciences and humanities). If even one of these factors is absent, the whole secularization process slows down. This, they believe, is why the U.S. is secularizing at a slower rate than Western and Northern Europe.

The U.S. has found ways to limit the effects of education by keeping it local, and in private schools, anything can happen,” said Shults’s collaborator, Wesley Wildman, a professor of philosophy and ethics at Boston University. “Lately, there’s been encouragement from the highest levels of government to take a less than welcoming cultural attitude to pluralism. These are forms of resistance to secularization.” [emphasis mine]

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Add to all of the above the uncertainty represented by Trump himself, and the overall atmosphere is not especially conducive to freethought ... which is why we need to push all that much harder!

Indeed, with one particular strain of religion happy to use the tRump administration to install justices and judges (Neil Gorsuch and counting...) who'll codify their privilege into case law and judicial precedent, damaging our democracy for decades to come.

Our next chance to slow their progress (regress?) will come this November, when we must elect Democrats to every possible office.  They're not all good, but they're not part of the scheme to destroy us.

One way to begin to undo the regress (well stated!):

  1. Elect Democrats. as you said; take back the House and Senate. There are quite a few opportunities to volunteer to help get out the vote, both face-to-face and "virtually" from anywhere in the US, calling or texting voters.
  2. Make sure the Democrats stand firm and block ALL Trump/​Pence/​Rape‑publican judicial nominations. Most cases stop short of the Supreme Court. If it was OK to do it to Obama...
  3. Impeach and remove "Above the Law" Kavanaugh, who lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee multiple times about important things like stolen Democratic emails. (That includes perjury to get his DC Circuit seat.)
  4. Impeach and remove Clarence Thomas, who together with his wife accepted cash and gifts from parties with matters before the Supreme Court, and did not recuse himself.
  5. When we get a Democratic president as well as Congress, add seats to the Supreme Court and fill them with progressives. This should be a priority above almost any other legislation. There is no magic number nine in the Constitution; the size is set by statute, and it's changed a few times in the nation's history. Imagine the current five clear regressives consistently outnumbered into irrelevance, until they retire or die!

We need to remain vigilant and work with the FFRF, We also have to remember that things don't change in a day. It took years to get to the mess we are in now and it will take time to make it better.

Keep a strong focus on what is good in life as well. It is too easy to just lose it in frustration and that just isn't helpful

Everything does right now. The Trumpian World in America today is set up by a group of people and has very little to do with Donald Trump. For the most part, Trump himself is not that smart. Those that want to dumb us down and turn America into that long awaited "Christian Nation" are at work here and the big money men who hate paying anything to keep our air, water, and food safe are behind it. They want church and state to be one and to rape the planet while keeping you silent about it. One reason they can do this is having the religious right on their side. If god is in control there is no obvious harm.

Somehow and someway we have to be working to turn this around before it is too late.

...the big money men who hate paying anything to keep our air, water, and food safe...

... for example, being clearly behind the EPA's new position on harmful radiation, for a long time considered to have no safe exposure; they've now turned to a scientific outlier who conveniently asserts that a little radiation is actually good for you, that it "stimulates" the body's "repair" mechanisms. As Peter Sagal joked on this weekend's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, "They may be anti-science, but they're pro-mad science."

And "in general, they're against regulations because regulations cost money. But don't worry about being exposed to radiation because it's good for you. It stimulates the immune system, makes you healthier. It's really going to come back to bite them when everybody grows a second head, and both heads are allowed to vote."

Many fear the Anti-Christ has come....yet no Jesus. The Trump administrations policies are counter productive but it is not yet the end of the world. Mommas cooking is horrible today, we just have it eat it for now and learn to cook!




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