There are chat rooms, which I suppose I can join by clicking in one and typing a few words.
And there's private messaging, which I have occasionslly done.
Is there more?

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Hm-mm, in 20 hours no replies. I'm not the only one who does next to nothing. I feel better.

That's hard to answer, Tom. I find that on this site more and more of us are not talking much about anything even though my inbox says we are getting lots of new members. Apparently these new members join and then that's it. I would think getting involved would be more satisfying.

I might add that being an atheist I have few friends. Some of that's by choice and I'm not out to everyone. Even so, my religious friend of many years said he had his best Christmas ever. I told him I was glad for him but mine wasn't so hot. Presto! If I come back to his Jesus and his god all that will change.

Why do I want to have much interaction with this type of person?

Then on another blog site I mentioned that your morality does not come from a god. I spelled this out plainly to where any moron could understand it. I got an answer that I was getting oncology confused with epistemology. I'm amazed! What do tumors have to do with morality?

With things like this going on daily I don't have a big circle of friends. Mostly I just wanna go and hide.

Thanks, Michael. I have occasional chats with out-atheists but our other interests and daily activities vary so much that we have little other contact. Online we share only words; we rely on the risky "reading between the lines" to tell us the info so vital to forming friendships or warning us against doing so.
I often think and edit-to-clarify as I type, so my dictation software is only marginally helpful with, the frank, more detailed, talk so necessary between friends.

I suspect many of the new members are on the fence about being open. Based on the view count on some of my blog posts I think we have many people here in hiding reading thinking learning growing in their own way in the closet. When the time comes maybe they'll be more active.


Since being a member of A.N. 6 months ago I haven't used the chat room nor sent out personal messages to any member here. And if I did I wouldn't know what to say and small talk annoys me and would not want to burden anyone with small talks.

Also the fact is that the comments and conversations between the A.N. members in the Forum or Groups most of the time is beyond whats left of my brain cells to carry the load....i.e. I just don't know if I understand what is being said or what point is being made.. I am not intimidated by anyone here nor do I think myself  , in fact I am glad to have the opportunity to engage myself among intelligent atheists here.

I also wondered why, with so many members here on A.N.., are there so few atheists making a statement here now and then.

Once in a while It is almost like a ghost town here on A.N....or again maybe there is more excitement in the chat room or private messaging?.... or perhaps people on A.T. would rather do things or go places than follow a gospel of tradition like so many religious people do to promote themselves. Perhaps this is the wisdom of atheists everywhere that experiencing life is more satisfying than pumping repetitive into each other that the religious people do so well at.

For me I rather do things and be outside, but I still need to cohabit with my fellow beings if I am ever to grow and change with the seasons.

Thomas, it seems to me to be a matter of timing. Often a thread will be up several days before I see it. By the time I see an interesting one it's to late to respond or if I do there's something else going on.
At least that's the way I find it.

k.h. ky,

That was what I thought when I read Toms post. I thought it was just posted yesterday.

@Thomas, feel free to call me Kathy.

>.> I always see "Kinky" when I see your screen name.....My brain fills in the blanks..... There's prolly something wrong with  me lol.

Nice to meet you Kathy.

BenGee, I've been called worse. Lol.
Kinky may be my favorite ;)

k. h. ky

Official BFF status earned. That is all.


Well, I've been avoiding the forums for a while and just focusing on making my little blog here.


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