What do atheists say as an alternative to "good luck" or "best wishes?"

We certainly wouldn't say things like "Godspeed" or "I'll pray for you,"  but since most atheists don't believe in luck or wishes either, then we wouldn't say "Good luck" or "Best Wishes" either. 


Which phrases do you prefer, personally?





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I've seen enough examples of Murphy's Law to recognize bad luck exists. Therefore, I can still say "good luck" in a superficial attempt to somehow magically thwart Murphy. XDD
I don't see the need to edit everything I say to assure that the person I am talking to knows I have a naturalistic worldview. I don't assume people literally believe in luck when they wish me it and I've no reason to think that the people I talk to normally would believe I think luck exists when I wish it to them. You're right that I won't say "Godspeed", but mostly because that's not a term people in my generation tend to use. I don't pray, so telling people I'll pray for them makes no sense. Even when I did pray I never told people I would pray for them.

I still use terms like "bless you", "good luck" and "damn it" but you'd be hard pressed to find a person I know that wasn't fully aware that I'm an atheist. ;)
Same here, Sarah. I don't feel the need to censor all my speech to be sure it is fully atheist. I do say, "you are in my thoughts" instead of "I'll pray for you." At funerals, I say I am sorry for someone's loss and leave it at that. If more needs to be said, I usually try to compliment the dead person or say something nice about the living family or friends.

At Easter, if someone says "he is risen" to me, I usually ignore it or give them a blank stare. I still say Merry Christmas. I say it because it has been the tradition of my family for many centuries and tradition is as good as any other to do something. However, I do try to make it clear I am saying due to tradition not belief.
I say good luck all the time. Why not?
live long and prosper
This post wins.
Yeah - I usually stick with "You will be in my thoughts and I hope things turn out ok." Though - I do like godspeed - not sure why. Guess its because it makes me wonder what speed exactly god travels at.
I say about the same things.
"Godspeed"--it kind of sounds like a superhero. It's a pretty weird saying!
Great responses everyone! Thanks!

Yeah, I guess I'm not so much trying to show I'm an athiest with my speech, as I am just trying to avoid giving a false impression of my (non)beliefs. Since becoming an atheist, I've noticed how much religious languaging most people use whether they are religious/spiritual or not, so I just made a conscious choice that if I can avoid it I will, but if I forget, it's no big deal either, since there are much bigger things to address.

I'm still in the habit of saying "bless you" after someone sneezes, simply because I've never heard another phrase to say - other than the same phrase in foreign languages ;)

Sometimes I say "I hope you do well with that" or "I'll know it'll work out great" but they feel so cumbersome so sometimes I still say "Good luck." I suppose it depends on if I'm aware of my words at the moment or oblivious and just going by habit.
When someone sneezes I have to really watch myself, because my instinct is to say "don't do that." Because that is what my dad always said. And even though I always thought it was annoying because, really, it's not like you can help it if you sneeze. It is so ingrained, it is my first thought. Don't do that.




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