What do atheists say as an alternative to "good luck" or "best wishes?"

We certainly wouldn't say things like "Godspeed" or "I'll pray for you,"  but since most atheists don't believe in luck or wishes either, then we wouldn't say "Good luck" or "Best Wishes" either. 


Which phrases do you prefer, personally?





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"Do well" or "I hope you do well."

When I'm in such a mood that I don't feel pain I may find myself telling someone simply "Don't screw up."
Why not wish someone good luck? We are all subject to changing fortunes and happenstance, whether it is in our favor or not is what we call luck, no? I see no problem in wishing that fortune should favor someone.

For those of us who believe fortune to be, at best, but a word, wishing someone good luck makes about as much actual sense as wishing that a semicolon be there to guide and protect them.
Right-on! Say word son! May da road rise to meet youuuuu!



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