What do christians make of intersex, pregnant male seahorses, sex changes in fish etc?

eg many fish are intersex & some undergo full sex changes in nature.  Male seahorse gets pregnant & gives birth.


Humans can be intersex.


what do christians (& other religionists) make of this? 


A few opinions I found out there were than intersex individuals were a defect caused by sin & they shouldn't breed & that transexuals are an 'abomination' etc.   How can they justify this view if nature undergoes sex changes, can be asexual, intersex etc?  

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As I understand it, dolphins also indulge in recreational sex ... NAUGHTY DOLPHINS!!!

and homosexual sex - naughty, naughty dolphins!  


Found a few views by the fundies on intersex marriage:




of course, they just say that anything that doesn't fit their narrow worldview is because of a 'fallen world' (ie adam & eve's sin)


here's a good article about the damage religion does



You're right. Loren.  That's why they don't seem to give a hoot when thousands of species are killed off from off shore drilling and other environmentally destructive practices.
Accept for when a mistake is made and "Johnnie" turns out to be "Jessica"

here's a post I wrote about labels & stigma




Still thinking about writing a post incorporating pregnant male seahorses etc


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