What do christians make of intersex, pregnant male seahorses, sex changes in fish etc?

eg many fish are intersex & some undergo full sex changes in nature.  Male seahorse gets pregnant & gives birth.


Humans can be intersex.


what do christians (& other religionists) make of this? 


A few opinions I found out there were than intersex individuals were a defect caused by sin & they shouldn't breed & that transexuals are an 'abomination' etc.   How can they justify this view if nature undergoes sex changes, can be asexual, intersex etc?  

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here is a blog by someone who is intersexed (both male and female characteristics & they have XXXY genotype)

Thanks for the link! I'm checking it out now.
Ok, yes. We learned about this condition in Genetics. I know about this. Thanks!

here's some more about genetics etc.  Perhaps 2-4% of population are intersex to some extent?  (but most of these have 'typical' appearance, so don't know)



I don't think most Christians are aware of this and the ones that are just ignore it.
Have you asked any theists what they think about this?
Theists ignore a lot of scientific evidence-- like for example evolution. Some theists believe that the devil put dinosaur bones on earth to confuse people about evolution. (they explain away the evidence with weird beliefs). So maybe they have a weird belief to explain sex changes in nature.

no I haven't asked theists (I haven't bothered with the religious forum for a while as so frustrating).


I did find this: http://lavistachurchofchrist.org/LVanswers/2011/03-04b.html


It seems that humans are considered by religionists to not be part of the animal kingdom (and certainly not apes, as they are now classified). They say god doesn't make mistakes & justify 'defects' as caused by human sin (affecting all 'creation').



and transgender people are considered to be rebelling against 'how god made them'



So, God mad people intersex?  He couldn't make up his mind?
from what I've read so far, the abrahamic religions insist that god made male and female only & any variation is a defect because of sin.  Tribal people often embraced their intersex & transgender individuals as special (until abrahamic religions poisoned them)

Very Simple Answer: They Don't Care!!!

Insofar as most christians are concerned, humankind is apart and separate from the rest of creation, created in the image of their homophobic, mega-violent and paternalistic deity, and the bible is THE basis for normalcy and the ultimate guide to life-living.  Homosexuality may occur in hundreds or thousands of OTHER species, but for homo sapiens, sexuality must be fixed and invariant ... because that's a nice, simple answer and it's in agreement with their holy book.

Note that these are the same people who deny climate change and evolution.  They know what they believe and cannot be bothered with facts.

That's right Loren, they don't care. They ignore the facts.

I put a video of the sexual antics of bonobos (our 'cousins') on an article I wrote, and some christians really freaked out & insisted that it was abnormal animal behaviour - free sex for all.


Animals can and do have sex for fun, even with the same sex, but humans have set conditions forced on them






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