What Do the Mid-term Election Results Tell Us?

The first returns are coming in and it looks bleak. The Tea Party and it's corporate handlers seem to have succeeded in getting some real monstrosities into the House and Senate. Why do you think it happened and what do you see happening over the next two years? What do you see further down the road, as in 2012?

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meh, its all theater on the political stage. Doesn't matter to me since I'm just a mere citizen in the bottom 96%. Everything has been right wing since there 80's and even Obama is more republican than Reagan. I can only shrug it off and wonder how deep the drain is i'm gravitating towards.
I think it did not go the way go nearly as well as Repugs hoped it would. Now, they have to martial the tea party into the main stream and get them to play well with other Repugs. Good luck with that!
I'm waiting for all of that tea party housecleaning we have been hearing about for months. My outlook may be incorrect, but it looks like incumbents will mostly stay put w/ a decent amount of fresh republicans in mostly Republican areas.. uhm.. tea partiers.
Florida may be the biggest loser in this election cycle. I don't know if it is the high levels of flouride in the water or too many instances of heat stroke, but my home state has got to be the home of the dumbest sumbiches in the nation. Tea Party Rubio is just another mainstream rethug and Rick Scott is a world class crook. National politics will probably just grind to a halt, but Florida's swirl down the crapper will move at a speed not found in nature.
Don't I know it, living in Florida. I voted and lost. This state has a critical mass of dumbass Jesus-lovin' fools.
No kidding! For crying out loud, why not just vote Bernie Madoff in to govern our state.
If there is one thing that Rick Scott has confirmed this election it is that you really can buy an election.
Especially feeding from the corporate trough!

DAMN!!!! Corporate personhood has GOT TO STOP!
It tells me that America has no memory, that it has exceptional difficulty in thinking back past a handful of years ago, that reason and rational thought is too often a last resort when prayer and tea leaves and reacting with anger have already been tried and failed and tried yet again.

I will be very interested in seeing how well Boehner works with Obama, but in an age where civility seemingly has gone by the boards, I am not sanguine about the next two years.
It tells me what I already knew, that most Americans are really incredibly stupid, like that's news. It is a real shame though, because we could do so much more, but now we'll just yell at each other for the next two years.
because we could do so much more, but now we'll just yell at each other for the next two years.

You mean that wasn't happening before?
Well, of course there was a lot of useless yelling at eachother, but we did get a few somewhat useful laws passed. Now they're gonna take all their time trying to undo it all.




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