What Do the Mid-term Election Results Tell Us?

The first returns are coming in and it looks bleak. The Tea Party and it's corporate handlers seem to have succeeded in getting some real monstrosities into the House and Senate. Why do you think it happened and what do you see happening over the next two years? What do you see further down the road, as in 2012?

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Join American Atheists Inc. and pick a lawyer. Vigilance.
The pro-lifers are still on an anti-people, or anti-U.S.citizen personnel. Privatize means 'outsource' dugh.

watch em' eat themselves as they always do. Steer clear of the crack cocaine forged thing that has stricken America (and the globe) called right-wing-glee! And no, Jesus won't save ya, he did not save your forefathers.
What I would like for the Dems to learn from this is that the conservadems LOST. Where I am, the incumbent Blue Dog ran on the "I voted against everything my party stands for" platform. To her credit, this much was actually true. Lost to a Palinist anyway. It was really hard for her base to get excited about voting for the person who voted against healthcare, stimulus, anything remotely pro-choice, as opposed to the one from the other party who promised to vote against healthcare, stimulus, anything remotely pro-choice. Not much to encourage the base...
This was the bright spot in the election. When the teapublicans make things even worse and the Dems get another shot at this, the Blue Dogs won't be holding the controlling voting block on every issue.
Did anyone else notice, one day after the Republicans win some elections and gas goes up 10 cents a gallon? I understand we can expect prices on everything to go up - even restaurants are racing to have new menus with more expensive prices printed up. Thanks Teapublicans. Just what people in the middle of a depression need - higher prices. thanks a lot. Next time I have an especially nasty stomach virus, I'll try to return the favor.
I agree. The question that I have is will those in power understand this?

What I think we need to do as liberals is to set out what we would actually do that is different and then put people up for election that actually would vote as if they were Democrats. I am not suggesting a litmus test, of course. But really, are there not a few things that we can say we all basically agree on? The need for a social safety net, the need for a progressive tax system, and the need for a healthcare system that is far less complex and available to everyone could be but a few.
The Tea Party is supposedly all about fiscal conservative-ship. However, did they support any candidates that were not socially conservative Christian Right? (OK, maybe some would argue that Rand Paul is more nuts than he is Christian Right.) Take a look at Charlie Castle in Delaware. He was fiscally conservative, but socially moderate/liberal. Yet the Tea Baggers backed the Christian Right O'Donnell over Castle in the Republican primary and won. There is no such thing as a socially moderate Republican anymore. I think the "Moral Majority" is on the rise again.
Right you are, Greg. The business interests use our vast reserve of bigoted idiots to achieve the numbers they need at the polls. Of course, they pretend that the mob consists of noble and responsible fiscal conservates, supposedly like themselves. It makes the mob feel good and diverts attention from what they're actually doing. Straussian politics.
The Teapublicans spent a huge wad of money on their favorite loons - but they didn''t get many of the prizes they wanted. Reid won - he's not the most aggressive Senate leader - but Angle? ...holy shit! Boxer won as did Brown and two of the really big money TP's went down. And while Colorado loss two house seats to the TP's, Tom Tancredo lost the governor's race as did that right wing loon Ken Buck for senate.
As for the ones that won - I wish the Republicans happy camping with that clutch of morons. The Queen of Crazy, Michelle Bachmann, is already demanding a leadership position in the party and Bohner is shitting green apples over it. Be careful what you wish for.
Thanks, Jim, we needed that. Maybe there's room for hope that this is a high-water mark for the loons. I wouldn't bet my retirement savings on it, though. The handlers are the problem. They can learn from their mistakes, unlike the mob they manipulate.
I am an atheist and proud of it. But reading so much hate on this site regarding the tea party is like reading comments on conservative sites. The more you show your disdain for others makes you no better than them IMHO. You call them loons and racists but from my own experience, they are people who care about this country and are doing what they think is right. That doesn't make them loons or bigots, just people who want better for their children. There is already to much fucken hate going on in both parties. That's why nothing gets done. If you don't agree with me, you must be a loon, bigot, racist.... If I don't agree with you, then I must be a loon, bigot or racist. Why can't we just be Americans that disagree.
"You call them loons and racists but from my own experience, they are people who care about this country and are doing what they think is right. That doesn't make them loons or bigots, just people who want better for their children"

Isn't this statement also true for the KKK of yesteryear? To all the various Militia groups of today? To the extreme religous fundamentalists? To Al Queda? I'm sure they all thought they were doing what is best for their children, their country and their God.

I know that many TP'rs are good, loving and caring people, but they are also trying to tear down the constitution (separation of church/state), decimate our education system (kill the Dept of Ed and defund our schools), make our budget deficit worse (tax cuts), kill jobs (firing govt employees) and to allow our own citizens to suffer due to lack of access to health care (repeal "Obamacare").

I don't care if they are decent people or not, they are fucking with the citizenship of our country in a big way and the need to be stopped. I'm all in favor of being "nice" about stopping them, but they have shown time and time again that they have no interest in playing nice. They did say, afterall, that they would NOT "compromise their principles".

What do you propose Binker? How should we stop the brainless tea party zombie? What is your idea?


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