What Do the Mid-term Election Results Tell Us?

The first returns are coming in and it looks bleak. The Tea Party and it's corporate handlers seem to have succeeded in getting some real monstrosities into the House and Senate. Why do you think it happened and what do you see happening over the next two years? What do you see further down the road, as in 2012?

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I'm with you, Larry. Just because a destructive idiot has some acceptable sentiments doesn't mean you give him the keys to the store.
Larry, The KKK????? How many blacks have been killed by the Tea Party?? 32 black Tea Party candidates were elected last Tuesday. Doesn’t sound racist to me. So you think we should spend more money on schools, raise taxes, hire more government workers. Why doesn’t the government just hire everyone who is unemployed then we would have 0 unemployment? Give schools blank checks, why should they be accountable. I agree they shouldn’t compromise. I don’t want to compromise our country right into socialism. I do agree on one thing though. Keep religion out of government.
I'm not comparing them to the KKK (although they do share many of the same princples). The analogy is that "caring for the future of our children" is a value shared by nearly everyone regardless of how ill-informed and dead wrong they are - like the KKK.

32 black Tea party candidates were elected? Source please

Should we spend more on schools? YES
We should always invest in educating our future generations. Is our system perfect, no. Can it be fixed? sure - with investment

Should we raise taxes? YES (and on everyone, not just the rich). Have you noticed the debt/deficit? The Bush cuts were a miserable failure on all fronts -the jobs that were promised did not materialize (unemployment rates increased) and the deficit soared to unimaginable heights.

Hire more govt workers? YES. Govt jobs have proven to deliver high return on investment because those hires create even more jobs and more tax revenue. Hire away.

Hire everyone? No, that is a ridiculous assertion

Socialism? Binker, are you a Glenn Beck fan?
The biggest single contributor to our current national debt was the Bush tax cuts. To do so at the time we are waging a very expensive war was complete idiocy. Did we get jobs for those tax cuts or wars? No, we got a housing market bubble that will probably end up bankrupting the nation and millions of new islamic enemies.
Bush was the only president in US history to lower taxes when the country was at war - to say nothing of two wars. Lowering the highest marginal tax (those incomes of $250,000 a year and above) has historical driven the economy into stagnation, recession or depression --- without exception. OTOH, when the highest marginal tax rate is increased the economy improves for all income levels. And history backs it up. This is the great lie of "trickle down" delusion.
I don't think many people understand that the $250K per year threshold is only on taxable income. Subract the standard deductions, mortagage, insurance, property taxes, 401K contributions, medical costs, etc, and the actual taxable income threshold is well over $300K.

Even then the higher tax rates only apply to the marginal income over that amount. Thus someome with TAXABLE income of $251K would pay the extra 4% on only the $1,000 over $250K, or $40 bucks incremental.

It only gets interesting when earnings are in the 7, 8, 9 and 10 digit levels.
Maybe the better question is how many of them are threatening 2nd Amendment solutions if they don't get to win at the ballot box?

But let's be serious here, can you fight against anything other than a straw man argument?

You seem to be suggesting that we have one of two choices in each of your arguments, such as they are.

If one has members that are of a racial minority in your group, one cannot be racist.

Hire everyone that is unemployed or have the level of unemployment that we currently have.

Give schools blank checks and not hold them accountable or shut down the department of education.

Vote for the Tea Party or become socialists.

I have to ask, do you seriously think this way, or do you simply like the hyperbole?
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