Many, many people do not care about the issues which concern Atheists. They care much more that "Uncle Bob" stays off the booze. Uncle Bob is doing good, since he found Jesus and goes to AA. For these people, Atheists just seem crazy and mean. They don't care if religion is all a myth, etc. They just don't want us to upset Uncle Bob.

How do we deal with this?

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Not only does it work more effectively godlessly, it has all sorts of other benefits in understanding your own brain. AA is mindless repetition of dogma coupled with the sick voyeurism / exhibitionism of group sessions and little more. SMART has logic and reason behind the purpose.

Mandatory AA as part of sentencing and/or parole for people who have fallen foul of the law is also a clear breach of the establishment clause in the US. Why it is not raised as a major issue is a concern.
I'm more concerned about The Boy Scouts




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