What stuff do you believe in even though you dont have evidence and are atheist? I believe in aliens and some sort of afterlife. I also believe theres a 4th density that has different laws of physics. The 4th density im talking about is not about time. I believe theres alot of stuff the universe can do that would seem supernatural. I believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans arent capable of.

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Not necessarily magic. Bullets - and sometimes, just pieces of bullets - have been known to do the damndest things.

They do, especially when it is someone on the VIP list who many others wish were not .... How does the bullet seem to know??



Definitely like a link to some of that information.  Not challenging you, just always been interested in the topic.  Thanks :)


Beyond the "magic" bullet, you might admit that it was a pretty sloppy investigation from time of the shooting +, especially considering the sensitivity of who was shot...

And mighty convenient that the accused was shot soon after, eh?  Case closed?

Do you mean "dimension" instead of "density"?

Do I believe in alien life? No. Do I believe there is a very good chance that there is alien life? Yes. Two different views. Intelligent life is less possible, but if there aren't planets with at least microbes, I would be very surprised.
Anything supernatural? Absolutely not. Not only is there no evidence, it's not likely. At least we know life is possible.
Whatever alex collier is talking about. He talks about density http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2ubrA3X7rM
I believe Bigfoot no longer subcontracts his duties to undocumented yeti's (they'll work for next to nothing you know) and unemployed circus midgets.
Where does this leave umpa lumpas, elves etc?
Most atheists are going to tell you they don't believe in any of this. Why do you believe in these things?
Magic and supernatural abilities don't exist. I hung around for years with people who claimed they had supernatural abilities, and none of them offered to prove it, or even made excuses of why they couldn't. Now I think someone who makes claims like that is either crazy or attention-hungry. If someone has them, they should go out and get that million dollar JREF prize already.
If there were people who actually had supernatural or paranormal abilities then the trait would have to be encoded in the individuals DNA (unless they picked it up through magic). Given the enormous advantage a persons with such an ability would have the trait would have spread through the population in a few dozen generations.
The trait would have huge survival advantage giving it a first class ticket on the evolutionary express.
So where is it?
In the Witness Protection Program with god and the baby jeebus of course!




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