What stuff do you believe in even though you dont have evidence and are atheist? I believe in aliens and some sort of afterlife. I also believe theres a 4th density that has different laws of physics. The 4th density im talking about is not about time. I believe theres alot of stuff the universe can do that would seem supernatural. I believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans arent capable of.

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Aftershocks? Aftershocks in the normal context are vibrations in a medium which affect their surroundings. Through what medium would emotions cause shocks/aftershocks, and why would they be eternally present or repeating themselves thereafter? Emotions are psychological phenomena. They cause and are caused by physiological changes in the body, but that's literally as far as they go.
Mind over matter is a logical contradiction. In order to know anything definatively things that exist must have an identity (i.e. existence exists and A is A). The conscious mind is a process based on the material brain. In order for something to be conscious, it must be conscious of something (which implies that it must have the faculties with which to be conscious i.e. the five senses). There is also no proof for ESP which implies that mind over matter is a false premise. Since by definition ghosts and spirits are nonmaterial they cannot be conscious (not to mention that in order for something to exist in the first place it must be made of matter). In other words, once the brain is dead and ceases to function the personality based on that brain no longer exists. Hence no ghosts or "psychic" imprints.
I believe in that which is reasonable, logical, and/or has evidence in it's favor. I try very hard not to muddle belief with that which I hope or want to be true.
You will never beat it.
Reality has to set in at some point.
Wouldn't those with density be prime candidates for The Dims?
I believe our potential knowledge is limited by our senses. We cannot know or conceive of anything outwith the parameters of our senses, though it's possible that senses could exist, though not for humans, which would allow more knowledge to be attainable.
i belive in ghosts and aliens and big foot and the loch nest monster and alternet universes!
I also believe in the Alternet universe, or at least... I know it exists.
Your silly girl! ;) I believe that aspeagus tastes good, tho I know a great many who dissagree...
"Loch Ness"
I believe in the possibility of aliens existing. Though, that is not to say that I believe they have visited our planet, or that they are even a form of life capable of doing so.

I don't believe that "universal" constants are quite that. I find it quite possible that, say, the speed of light, could be different elsewhere in our universe. Again, this does not mean that I think that the rules that hold true in our part of the universe can be broken elsewhere. Only bent a little.



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