What stuff do you believe in even though you dont have evidence and are atheist? I believe in aliens and some sort of afterlife. I also believe theres a 4th density that has different laws of physics. The 4th density im talking about is not about time. I believe theres alot of stuff the universe can do that would seem supernatural. I believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans arent capable of.

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I believe in those things I can see,taste,touch and hear.I believe everything can be proved with science.I don't believe in gods,devils,angels,ghosts,esp and all that supernatural crap.
It makes me sad that atheists can also be credulous fools. This is something I believe that I wish weren't true.
magick is silly self delusion. yes are there things science does not understand.

Lack of evidence is not evidence. we are not in a court of law. this is life.

aliens well maybe but the verdict is still out.

sure there is an afterlife; maggots, left over energy iron from the blood. judeo-christian religion if you really get into it do not believe the ego survives after death. that is the same as total and permanent annihilation (personality dies, your ego dies, your dead; no afterlife) there are heretical sects of judeo-Christianity that speak of an afterlife in a primitive way. ego is what is formed in the biological meatbag the humans have but after death the ego is gone and "you" exist no more. paganism is based on the epileptic visions of so called shaman and those that have eaten chemicals the cause the brain to malfunction. near death experience is just a chemical reaction to the body shutting down. beyond science, religious belief is foolish and nuts. i personally do not use science to justify my atheism unless pressed and i usually use terms that most people can understand. religion is too weird to even justify and should be treated as if your speaking to a child that is mentally disabled or has been psychologically traumatized.

4th density is a silly notion that sounds almost scientific. it is greek/orthodox christian crap/pap. P.D. ouspensky was a nut bag as was George Gurdjieff, Cassiopaean / Ra is a real pack of loons that follow a former satanist that became a con artist and created the Cassiopaea Cult (google it) L K Jadczyk in her writings explains her delusions very well, they are due to abuse and mistreatment and she sas point blank she invented the C's and they are her in the future, BAHH!
if the universe can do that would seem supernatural. so why worship it or bank on it being worthy of interest. con artisty is how the pope, new age gurus and their ilk make mony and your buying in to a load of crap.. hence the saying; there is a fool born every minute.

you believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans aren't capable of. because you have seen or experienced it? well if this is true and i will assume you do not have schizo effective disorder. you suffer from what is called magical thinking and may be experiencing symptoms of TLE temporal lobe epilepsy.
if i believed the crap from my seizures i would be really in bad shape. i have had amazing religious experiences, feeling of oneness with the universe, so called OBE's, psychic experiences, synchronicities, Déjà vu, other dimensional experiences, thought i fell through another dimension/alternative reality/timeline, thought i heard a dog psychically speak to me, all types of paranormal CRAP, and i do not believe a LICK of it, it is nothing more then TLE and my seizing brain and my very great imagination and it's amazing ability with inventing totally weird CRAP!

GET OVER YOUR SELF and GET TO A NEUROLOGIST! there is wonderful medications that will help you. i thought i want half crazy and if i was not an atheist i would have lost my mind and got into some occult CRAP or some weirdo group or became a victim of some religion. thank the great and all powerful Atheismo god of the atheists that i am a 3rd generation atheist.
I feel that humans give off some type of energy that we are not aware of yet. An energy that is often the cause of the supernatural things people insist that they saw - like ghosts. I truly believe science will explain lots of "supernatural" stuff - but not in my lifetime. Lots of people make fun of me when I say that, but I'm not concerned. It's what I believe.
I do not believe in the supernatural, the paranormal, the magical, the miracle. I do however believe that life does continue on after death, this is often referred to as decomposition. I do believe there is intelligent life in the universe but other than dolphins we have yet to recognize it. I am no physicist, so explaining quantum physics is beyond my understanding, but I have faith that I'm not getting lied to when they attempt to explain the mysteries to me.

I also believe that just because our species developed brains that reason, that can communicate those thoughts and subsequently preserve them for history, that this evolutionary trait is really not that big of a deal. We want to believe that we are special somehow because we can reason up an atomic bomb or a mythical deity ascending to heaven, but the reality is we are just, albeit (socially) complex, animals following our instinctual drive to procreate and rear offspring. Of course someone's going to point out Aesthetics, what is the point of Art, music and poetry, etc. etc. if our only purpose is to procreate, IMHO, to get laid, but that's a little terse so maybe someone else can explain and I'll get off my soap box for now.
What do I believe in? Well,the "in" has me perplexed, so I shall leave the "in", out, and just state what I believe. I believe there are some forces of nature, unseen, that would appear magical to the uneducated ....gravity, electromagnetic fields, vacuum..just to name a few. I believe blonds do have more fun, cops do stop red cars more often then white or black, and Sara Palin is an idiot. I believe that religion, regardless of which one, is inherently dangerous to the common good, as it gives reason and justification to it's believers to mistrust, disrespect, and in some cases, fear and hate people who don't share their "faith" or people who have a different "faith" or, as in my case, no "faith" at all.. I believe the current trendy Gods, Jesus, Allah, and Abraham are boring, as are the myths attached to them...I believe Greek mythology to be much more interesting then Christian or Islamic mythology, as the Greeks were multi-theists giving much more room for the imagination to run wild ! I believe Obama is doing the best he can, with what he has to work with, a broken and dysfunctional congress that traditionally can't get any thing of substance accomplished.. I believe greed is a bad thing... love is a good thing, and peace is the end result of non-religious critical thinking ..

Now, to go back to the "in" .. after careful thought, I believe in myself .. I believe in my old dog, Dino, and I believe in an abundant supply of ammunition. That's what I believe and what I believe "in".
4th Dimension - it makes the quantum theory make sense.

Nothing supernatural, though. Aliens would be natural, and life outside Earth is actually very probable. However, I stay agnostic towards aliens, because there is no consecutive evidence supporting their existence, nor is it remotely probable that they would have advanced enough spacecraft to fly here, but don't reside near enough for us not to see them...
I don't believe in any of the things you listed. My basis for what I believe in is evidence based. I believe that when I set my alarm on my car by pressing the button on my key chain that my door will be locked even if I don't see the lock button on my door down (evidence). Why, because every time I push that button, I always find my car locked when I return.

So if you do not rely on evidence to determine what you believe in, what criteria do you use, wishful thinking?
I agree with your post. However, direct empirical evidence (if this is what you mean), is not the only thing that should, or can dictate ones notion to believe. Even for rational minds that use evidence based reasoning.

Take aliens for instance. We have no evidence. However I can confidently say that I believe other life forms exist elsewhere in the Universe, simple b/c with all of the chances for this to happen, it is reasonable to conclude that it is less likely that they don't exist, than they do. When we don't have direct empirical evidence, we can speak in terms of probability. :)
Long wet kisses that last for three days!
I don't really believe any single dogma; I would like to believe a lot of things, but I can't until I see some kind of evidence for whatever it is we're talking about.
In terms of God and/or gods:
I highly doubt the existence of any theistic God or gods. I certainly don’t know if there is a deistic God or not. I’m very skeptical. I don’t discount the possibility. However, we can barely get off our own rocky little spec of dust. We are ignorant to much of the Universe. I don’t think we have much business positing answers to questions that we don’t even know are valid themselves. Maybe we (humans) should say I don’t know for once, be humble, admit ignorance, and learn more about the Universe before deciding whether or not there is some supernatural intelligent and intentive force behind everything, of which would likely require a much larger explanation than it offers.

In regards to your question:
I believe that aliens probably do exists for the simple reason that it seems much less probable that they don't exist rather than they do when taking into account the billions of stars in each galaxy and the billions of galaxies.



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