As freethinkers, we should be aware that just because a woman can beat you in softball, doesn't make her any less "feminine".


I came across a thread this morning on the topic, and the things the men listed irked me to no end. Examples: tattoos, cursing, smoking, being able to be her own auto mechanic, short hair, being drunk, etc etc etc. Now, I don't know about the other ladies of the A|N, but I personally love having tattos, cursing (within "reason"), and being drunk (though I rarely drink).


But what is femininity?


Men and women, I want your thoughts!

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"Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine." -- Friedrich Nietzsche
Femininity is a social construct.
Hmm...*nods and strokes invisible beard*. Elaborate?
stroking invisible beard - feminine.
stroking visible beard - unfeminine.
I concur!!
Maybe a lot more women would be sporting facial hair if they weren't constantly bombarded with ads to buy products or services to remove it, or if they weren't objects of ridicule.
I know there was a "beard and mustache competition" in Philadelphia. Now I'm wondering if there were any women participants!
Have you ever known a woman with a beard,

Yes. Lovely soft beard.

I'd have a handlebar mustache if I could, but I'm not a fan of the sparse look.
I guess it depends on who's beard it is?
I'm too tired to elaborate more than a few grunts. I really like what quite a few people have written, and am heartened. I'll make an attempt to get back to this once my battery has recharged.




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