As freethinkers, we should be aware that just because a woman can beat you in softball, doesn't make her any less "feminine".


I came across a thread this morning on the topic, and the things the men listed irked me to no end. Examples: tattoos, cursing, smoking, being able to be her own auto mechanic, short hair, being drunk, etc etc etc. Now, I don't know about the other ladies of the A|N, but I personally love having tattos, cursing (within "reason"), and being drunk (though I rarely drink).


But what is femininity?


Men and women, I want your thoughts!

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Unfortunately, I don't have time right now to start and maintain such a discussion.
I usually use "they" as a GNP. "Zey" and all those sound a little too weird - though maybe it could be argued that's what makes them effective...
Fantastic post Animus! I'd like to see more input from the trans community, and this was a great start =)
It's great to see all of your smiling faces and welcome to the new members. Slinks back under that rock!
You should stay out from under that rock longer!
Peeing standing up. That's about it.
Oh hell no! I wish I had that ability! To be able to squirt the walls of a restaurant that treated me badly, without having to get into contortionist positions, would be freaking awesome!
I'd like to be able to spell my name in the snow.
Exactly! I can't do it without doing some reaaally awkward crab walk.
Hahahaha! You injected that image right into my brain.
Good thing I only have a 4 letter name, or else I might hurt myself trying to do it! =)
Always with the creative solutions!



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