As freethinkers, we should be aware that just because a woman can beat you in softball, doesn't make her any less "feminine".


I came across a thread this morning on the topic, and the things the men listed irked me to no end. Examples: tattoos, cursing, smoking, being able to be her own auto mechanic, short hair, being drunk, etc etc etc. Now, I don't know about the other ladies of the A|N, but I personally love having tattos, cursing (within "reason"), and being drunk (though I rarely drink).


But what is femininity?


Men and women, I want your thoughts!

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Y'all need to google a bit. There are pages that are dedicated to teaching women how to pee standing up. And sites that sell products to help do it if you don't wanna make mistakes.
There's this But can it help me write my name in the snow?

Edit: It looks like it just might help me write my name in the snow!
It helps erase that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).
I can do it standing up, but I still need to be wearing a skirt.
I don't think giving the middle finger is feminine, but it's a free world and women should be able to express themselves in crude ways if they feel like it. (I think it's a gesture that has limited use and I've never personally found it useful).

I don't like the over-use of swear words by either gender. For me, I suppose it's a generational thing...I'm 47. And I'm a I suppose I want to be a good role model of an adult for my kids. I have always thought that swearing is like seasoning in food, too much is a bad thing and ruins any conversation. It's not that I don't swear...but it's very limited to certain situations.

I certainly think women should be able to be in any career that suits them and should be able to wear their hair anyway they please...same with clothing. I'm not a fan of tattoos, however...but again, that applies for both men and women...I just don't find them attractive for the most part. I would say moderation is my overall stand...with drinking, swearing, tattoos, etc.
No, not quite. Mr. Clean doesn't do the cleaning. He shows up, smiles, and hands off the cleaning supplies to the woman.

Are you sure? I seem to remember him mopping the floor in a commercial, but maybe that's my memory playing tricks, or I fantasized it.

I've been very tempted to answer one of those ads on Craigslist where some guy offers to come clean your house for free as long as he can do it in the nude, or in a maid's outfit. Not my fetish, but if his fetish cleans my house... score!
Every Mr. Clean commercial I've seen, he just provided the tools to the woman. *shrug*

Now I'm wishing I had a bigger house. D; Especially if I like the way he looks. XD Free cleaning and bizarre entertainment.
The older commercials had him cleaning, and even had men cleaning, although the men were cleaning "'manly" projects.
I was/am sans television from 1980 to 1997, and from 2009 on, so I haven't seen commercials from those time frames, but I remember Mr. Clean doing some of the cleaning himself, and he used to hand off the cleaner to men in some commercials.

I don't know if any of those guys with the cleaning fetish go this far:

Wooow Mr. Clean...
So it was all before my time then. While growing up, he was always just handing the products to the women, in my experience. But I'm just a young'un.

Ugh, that second commercial was almost as creepy as the BK king commercials.
I have no idea... Being a woman seems to automatically equate to being feminine. It seems to me that a woman would have to make an active effort not to be feminine. We are socialized to understand gender specific behaviors.

I have several lesbian friends who dress and behave like American male stereotypes... Excessive burping and farting. Carrying Skoal in the back pocket. Poor hygiene... Ironically, they come off more like caricatures. The most rugged guys I know bathe regularly and refrain from excessive burping and farting.

Defining feminine or masculine means defining a stereotype based on cultural norms. My girlfriend says that guys who talk with their hands seem feminine to her!? So, by that definition, every public speaker on the planet must be feminine!
Maybe a gender suit... trying to think of that book where people had body suits... they changed from old to young. If we all would wear Toga's maybe, that would be a hoot! A social construct or destruct, of the individual's own personal creative style. TOGA...TOGA...TOGA!!!



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