So, what do us atheists do for a living?  Surely we are ALL not evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists or philosphers.


I'll start:


I am a sales planner for the North American Division of an international consumer product company.


How about you?

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Firefighter/EMT 8yrs
Retired teacher. Taught maths and physics for 34 years. There were two other atheists on staff - and four other people who were non-believers but not self labeling.
I've been told by a retired British, and therefore, maths teacher, that 'math' is an American barbarism, and that they should also write 'physic' if they had any sense of logic. Since the French use the singular for 'physics' and the plural for 'math(s)', he concluded that British people were the more rational of the three. Although eventually I had him agree with me on the fundamental irrationality of the English language (and British cuisine.)
And dragged not drug!
I'm a senior consultant/ lobbyist for a number of telecommunications and I.T. outfits operating here in the Philippines. Worked as a bureaucrat/ Chief of Staff in previous stints at our two chambers of Congress - Senate and Lower House. So, if you find your business in my part of the world, you can contact me and I will be able to introduce you to the proper people who can assist you.

I also own (but not operate) a business. It's a strip joint right in the heart of the capital city.
just to be clear, you a lobbyist in the Phillipine govt? You mean the US isn't the only govt being bought by big business?

Your other business sure sounds interesting. I like this one better than your other job!
Yes, I lobby to corner big contract$$$. And yes, bribery is but part of it. Nothing new. That's how big corporations all over the world operate.

I was married (now divorced) to a niece of Corazon Aquino, a former president who died last year and whose son, Benigno Jr. is our current president.

Well, one thing. The Americans won't let the Chinese in and get a stronghold on this former American colony.

My personal business is the kicker. Young beautiful women always work with my expat clients and D.O.M. government officials connection.
I was married (now divorced) to a niece of Corazon Aquino

Oooh, can I shake your cyberhand? I seem to be collecting friends/acquaintances who are related to famous people in some way.

Do many Murkans generally not know who Corazon Aquino is?
Oooh, can I shake your cyberhand?

Is there an email handshake? :P

No. My ex-wife isn't famous here in our country but her cousin is a popular actress whose brother as I stated above is the current head of state. As for the late mother, I don't think so quite obviously. But they're our version of the ruling elite. And I do not hail from that category. I am self-made.
One of my clients owns titty bars throughout the south, (these are biker bars and they are tih-teh bars) and let me tell you this is a woman of class! I have decorated 3 of her homes. Here in Tennessee on top of historic Lookout Mountain, then 1 in Jackson Hole WY and her home in Key Biscayne FL. That is a very lucrative business. Maybe I should sell my decorating and furniture business and buy a titty bar! Wouldn't be able to take my son to work with me But he would be the most popular boy in

Hey Roy, I'm interested to know, which of your jobs is more stressful? R u a biker NoSacredCow?
I don't bribe people. It's my capitalist clients who do. I'm the middle man. I make the two sides come to an agreement. Hence, you'd notice the way I conduct myself - always try to find the middle ground.

But, I can find you bad young boys, Kid.



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