So, what do us atheists do for a living?  Surely we are ALL not evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists or philosphers.


I'll start:


I am a sales planner for the North American Division of an international consumer product company.


How about you?

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Somehow I landed a part time gig as an emergency shelter advocate for a non-profit that helps survivors of domestic violence (mostly women and children). Wasn't my intention, but I'm very happy to be there for now and the next few years as I look for another part time job and consider going back to school. I also volunteer way often then I should. From giving tours of house museums to teaching girls how to play guitar at camp... bleah. I still don't feel like I do much of anything though. :P
Thanks Les,
It appears to me that you are providing a valuable service to mankind. I sure appreciate what you do - thank you.
Research scientist, trained in molecular, cell and developmental biology.

I am involved in projects studying the factors that regulate two of the main cell types in bone- osteoblasts, which build bone, and osteoclasts, which resorb old or damaged bone. By understanding the basic mechanisms of how these cells are controlled we hope to be able to develop better diagnostic and therapeutic tools for bone regeneration, osteoporosis and for cancers that frequently spread to bone such as breast, prostate and lung.
that's awesome Eric. I don't have much of a science background, but I know enough to appreciate how valuable the foundational knowledge you are seeking to understand is to the advancement of society. Thank you.
I work for automotive parts plant.
I'm a profesional food taster and mattess tester! No, really... I drive trucks.
I'm an automation and process control engineer. Science and demonstratable reality have been the source of a good and interesting living for me. After thirty years I still look forward to going to work every day.
Good for you George. You are a lucky guy.
Good for you Carl. Thanks for responding.
Hey Park,
perhaps you should switch to a full time philosopher, you certainly seem qualified! I did hear, however, that the pay and benefits aren't very good.

I'm envious of the time you have available but am glad to see that you are putting it to good use. Keep at it man.
I work at TJ Maxx. :-P
It seems I am going to be a bit unpopular here when I disclose my job. But before I reveal that information just remember that the economy still sucks and I have to support my family. Well, here goes............I'm a machine operator at a company that furniture. There I said it.



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