So, what do us atheists do for a living?  Surely we are ALL not evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists or philosphers.


I'll start:


I am a sales planner for the North American Division of an international consumer product company.


How about you?

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I've taught English in public schools for going on twenty years.
I've always wondered if many teachers are atheists. Any idea if many of your fellow teachers have similar non-beliefs?
The computer teacher at my school has been an atheist since before I came to that conclusion myself, but that's all that I know of at my school. I will say, though, that I make no secret of my convictions, and everyone, including the administration, have been okay with it so far.
I'm the receiving and inventory supervisor for a warehousing and distribution facility.
I have a yard service; had to work alone. Never was good at jobs where i had to be a team player, but when left alone, i could make it happen. I've been at it 15 years. During winter, i branch out a little and do odd jobs for my customers (hang x-mas lights, sell stuff for them, errands, pick up groceries, patch up fences, house sit, pet sit, etc.) Occasionally, i'll play with my old band, but that's rare. So yeah, nothing too secure:)
sounds like a good and independent lifestyle. Thanks Damian
Harry or Beatrix?
I've been a pharmacist for 30+yrs.
Attorney. Started as a prosecutor and worked at that for 15 years (8 years as an elected prosecutor). Now I primarily do criminal defense. Before that, an archaeologist, but that was so long ago I think I could find my own bones in a dig.
Also an attorney, but I sometimes wish I had been an archaeologist. ;-)
I am working on my degree to become a planetary geologist. So, my living currently consists of repetitive classes until I give them all of my money.


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