What do you do with the Gideon Bible in the motel room? - best ideas needed

I was thinking about taking a yellow marker to mark up some key disgusting bible passages in the gideon bibles I find, but there are so many.  I might be up all night doing that.  What do you suggest?

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I was in a Japanese Sky resort once and there was a Buddhist Bible in the night stand. I found it quite refreshing. I love Buddhist, got it right years before most, sorry it didn't catch on.


Ignore it completely.

I have taken a bible or two and folded several pages so when the next occupant opens it, it goes to those pages. The pages I select are some of the deeds of JC and GOD. I circle them not with a sharpie but with a ball point pen..and I do it firmly, again to create an indent in the pages. Then I add a bit of commentary on the side...normally not in statement form, but in question form. Creating questions might cause someone to think!

Then I take to the covers and add some thoughtful questions there too.


I'll often go to John 3:16 and ask, "Was this a suicide of a triune god, or was this involuntary manslaughter of a careless father?

Not suicide at all ... just a temporary inconvenience to an eternal creature to whom no permanent harm could have come anyway.  The sacrifice was only from a limited human point of view.  To Haysus, it was more like doing without your smart-phone for a couple days.

You can always apply one of the following to the cover:

Another on the title page would probably also be a reasonable idea ... just in case.

oh nice. I need to print those out.

Homosexuality... why are they warning us about that? I don't like to see a perfectly acceptable sexual orientation lumped in with a list like this. Might as well warn us the Bible contains love poetry


Gideon Exposed!

If you’ve stayed in a hotel it’ll be more than likely that you found a Bible in your dresser drawer and a note saying “this Bible was put here by a Gideon”; but who the fuck was Gideon? Here’s a few fun facts about the guy you may not know.

  • Gideon slaughtered thousands in battle by plotting with the “Lord” to use treachery
  • Gideon slaughtered thousands more for worshipping “false gods”.
  • Gideon tortured and killed even more people for daring to taunt him
  • Gideon plundered the bodies of his victims so he could fashion a jewelled priestly vestment
  • Gideon fathered an offspring who murdered 69 of his step brothers

Read the Bible for yourself. You will find the story of Gideon in Judges, chapters 6-9. The tale of Gideon is only one of many horror stories in the Bible, a book that glorifies genocide, slavery, homophobia and sexism.

(Source: thetumblratheist)

The Gideons are not really a denomination.  It's an evangelical Christian organization and members can come from several different denominations.   I just posted that info above because it's about the same as the stickers that are sold by ffrf to put inside the Gideon bibles.  I didn't realize it had that swear word in there.  I don't think that kind of language helps anything.

Wikipedia on the Gideons

That's a pretty good link to a lot of information about the Gideon organization that leaves the Bibles in hotel rooms.  And yes, they do leave King James Version Bibles.   As far as I know, that's all they do.  I don't know why you think I may have been offended by your post.  It's very interesting.  I did not know all those stories.  

I think a good thing to leave with the bibles would be this paper -

 Compilation of Biblical Nonsense by Barbara G. Walker.

Hi Roy:

You need to grow up and take your medicine like a man.  All of the above that you attribute in some way to God shows the error of your position.  Please, humble yourself before almighty God.  Also, be careful of hypocrisy when you glorify sin. When you resort to the "f- bomb", you show yourself to be merciless unlike our heavenly Father who doesn't want anyone to perish, but that all should come to repentance.  Please reconsider.  If Jesus and God don't exist, but you believe, you lose little in the big scale of things. However, if Jesus truly is who he says he is and there is, in fact, a holy and just God, do you really want to experience a future suffering eternally, knowing you had a chance to believe, but didn't? Which is the greater loss? I will pray that you make the right choice. God bless you and keep you. May the light of Jesus shine in you forever.

If god truly loves all people why did he slaughter so many of them throughout the Earth's history?

The answer to this question is the same for all violence, including the accelerated violence that gave us the 20th century. Good and Evil cannot coexist. Abraham Lincoln, during the American civil war, said that both the North and the South invoked God, felt that God was on their respective side, and both sides viewed their God as righteous in their respective causes. Lincoln said that one side or both sides could be wrong, but that God could not, by his very nature, be both for and against something at the same time.

There will be slaughter until God's son redeems this world in apocalyptic final salvation. Don't blame God for the slaughter in history. The blame lies solely with the father of lies and deception, satan. God and satan oppose one another. The reason God did not destroy satan when he rebelled reflects on His eternal goodness. God could have destroyed the devil immediately when he rebelled against the Holy Father of creation, but he didn't. Do not call evil good and good evil which is what one assumes in the above fore-mentioned question. Unlike you, God is, by his nature, merciful. He wants to bring his creation to himself in worship because his creation CHOOSES freely to worship him. The very fact that evil still exists is a testimony to the charity and mercy of our eternal Father in heaven. God is long-suffering, and tolerant, and wishes that everything in his creation would repent choosing life over destruction. I would suggest that you get on your knees!

Ken Johnson

It always amuses me how, in the middle of asserting that evil exists so that we have the choice to love God or not, theists inevitably resort to the most authoritarian language in exhorting everybody to worship. Free will indeed; your language makes it quite clear that us poor sinners really have no choice at all. Get down on your knees... Go **** yourself!



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