What do you expect from an atheist organization?

What sort of benefits would make you join an atheist organization? What issues do you want them to address? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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70 percent social - beer drinking and carousing with like-minded friends
15 percent service - being available to help new atheists find their feet, etc.
15 percent activism - making sure the community knows we're here, responding to negative church signs, letters to local newspaper
Well done, Mark. Concise and true.
I believe there may also be other reasons to be outspoken atheists that stem from the long-lasting effect of the lack of logic in religious thinking, and your 'activism' section may point in the direction of a world with less religion and more logic.

I'm 2/3's with you.  I'd give you another percentage for agreeing that people should know that we are around but I can't figure the math on that one.  I don't agree with challenging the church signs or even nativity scenes and the like.  Church signs are usually pretty comical and only serve to discourage anyone from attending those churches unless they already are entrenched in bogus beliefs.  It's a pointless excercise on their end and it would be useless for us to challenge it.  Nativity scenes and the like, those are just ideas of Christmas comfort for most people.  Same as Santa Claus.  It's the type of thing that will fade on it's own (although Santa Claus can stay).  Instead of bringing on unwanted and unnecessary heat for the petty religious crap that we see, we should focus just on being out and in public.  Once others know that there are a whole bunch of non believers out there, that is the best way to turn the tide.  Really, most people already don't take the Bible at it's word and secretly doubt the whole issue.  They are just too ashamed/cowardly to take the step outside of the religious box.  Just showing that there is a healthy community is the best way.  P.S.  Try some New Belgium Tripple if you'd like a quality beer.


A church near me has a "living" manger scene at Christmas.  Since we have a semblance of Winter they use a doll for the Infant, all other characters are human or statuary.  They have a loud narration of the "story" which can be heard up and down the block.  People do show up to watch this even though it has been going on for decades.

OMFG we have that here, only it's like- get this- AN ENTIRE SET UP! Like, they have farm animals, and a Mary and Joseph and Jesus and you go on a tour in a wagon.

It's called " A Walk Through Bethelehem." They make a killing too, $10 a head for that bullshit, and it goes on from thanks giving to Dec 23rd.

LOL pretty much. It's so weird. They have Mary, Joseph, and Jesus at the very end, and there are towns people,etc, and the  Wise Men lead the way. Absolutely awful.

I think you nailed it.

1. I agree with Mark whole heartily to be social. Not only with just carousing, but to counsel fellow atheists, lend a ear, or even a day to shoot the breeze have fun, like Heathen day, or "Darwin Day".

2. Teach atheists how to debate. Alot of times, especially with a crowds, it is easy with an unpopular opinion to get fustrated and turn a simple conversation into a shouting match. I think teaching people how to debate properly and to have confidence in their opinion at the same time is very important for us. Even telling us when to back off is as important as well.

3. No brainwashing or peer pressure. Let a person join because he or she believes in it, not because he or she wants a group to fit in with.

4. Help the needy. I hate the fact that Christians and other sects think that they have the first say in helping the needy. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that these people are trying to reach out to criminals, the homeless, the abandoned, and the sick with their religious propaganda.

5. Be strong. Empty protests and ineffective messages do nothing. Make sure the opposition knows that you will not back down, and do something that actually means something.
Remind your theist friend that religious organizations have more money to donate because their have more followers.

By the way, Bill Gates is an atheist and his foundation is #1 in the world in charitable donations. Probably all religious donations combined can't measure up $29 billion a year. =)

(okay, this thread may be stall, but I am new here)

"religious organizations have more money to donate because their have more followers."

Why is it that religions have more followers (rhetorical question)? Can it be preer pressure, brainwashing, delusional ideas, engaging music, ...? Could it be that most viable religious groups have people in them that are interested in taking care of the needs of the members of the group (even if it is not really what is needed)? How does that manifest itself in an atheist group?

Hey! Wonderful. I didn't know Bill Gates was an atheist. :)




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