What do you expect from an atheist organization?

What sort of benefits would make you join an atheist organization? What issues do you want them to address? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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There is a lot I can say but for starters there must be a way of getting the word out like advertisement and such but also have a larger audience which should entice younger Atheists. I am a member of American Atheist and yet it feels as if there just targeting older people. Everyone there is 30+ and WAY OVER. No offense but for a younger person as myself there is no one who is my age I can speak with just older members. But this is one of many ideas I have.

You really should be pleased that you actually have older and experienced atheists to speak with. I had not a single one growing up. Learn from them - and the more you talk and spread yourself around the sooner you'll discover there are actually younger people that need your ideas and experiences also.

How about more silly hats? Everybody loves silly hats.

Any organization would have to accept one thing and one thing only, there is no god.  That is the basis of what we believe and a bit of what we are (I refuse to allow whether or not I believe in god to define me).  From there, anything goes.  We cannot confine ourselves any singular belief structure beyond that.  At that point we become a lock step, with us or against us, organization like political parties.  Let's keep it simple.


As far as what we should make waves about, I don't think we need to do a whole lot.  You got the one guy suing over "god" in the pledge and in public buildings but we really don't need that.  It makes us look like pissy children.  The end of western religion is in it's death throws.  It will certainly not be completely gone in our lifetime but every year, more and more people are gravitating towards our views.  You can't underestimate how hard it is for people to convert but you can tell people are changing.  Polls even show that we as a people are becoming more godless.  Just facilitate things by continuing to challenge people when the opportunity arises.  Be mindful to never push it.  Good luck

I like when you say that western religion is in death throws, but do not forget that Asia has the biggest block of population and also has the muslim countries too. Unfortunately, in the recent times, Asia has become incapable of moving forward on its own and will only follow western lead only when it is in its doorsteps. I strongly believe that western atheist organisations must take a lead in propogating atheism in Asia. Therefore, I expect atheist organisations to be active in spreading atheism, where it is possible for them to do so.


And so as America goes, so does the rest of the world?  I would agree but I'd have to include Europe because free thinking is pretty big there and they began it all.  We are far more puritanical than they.  We are still, by default, the light of the world.  Sad, maybe, but true.  I find this country pretty dysfunctional and that goes back at least 10 years.  But back to how we impact the world.  It seems that we get to broadcast culture through Hollywood and that's fine with me.  Hollywood is pretty ungodly and that is what the world sees of us, along with music.  Then again, there is the eventual war or bombing of some random Islamic, read retarded, country

I had a great idea years ago.  In deeply Christian areas, you'd see "Jesus" billboards.  They'd be solid green with Jesus in white.  I thought about buying a billboard right behind one of those and placing my own name up there in the same color and font scheme.  These are not privately held billboards so it's completely doable but that costs $700 or more, depending on the area

More community service and humanitarian activities. I know for a fact that a lot of nontheists participate in religiously sponsored community service projects and activities, and the churches, etc. get the credit. And then the church people come back with, "If you're such humanists, why aren't you helping humanity, blah, blah, blah?" We could do better on that.

Is it OK to go a level deeper on this subject?

The question, “What do you expect from an atheist organization?” suggests a perception of deficiency in the organizations that currently exist.  The only thing wrong with the current organizations, be they “atheist”, “agnostic”, “skeptic”, “secular humanist” or what have you is that they’re bounded by their definitions; they’re self-limiting, and thus they’re unlikely to become much more than they already are.

What’s needed is(are) (an) organization(s) to replace the things now offered by churches …  and synagogues and temples and stake houses and funny buildings with minarets on top.  The denizens of those places aren’t a special class of people; they’re ordinary people like you and me who have found a need in their lives being filled by going there and participating in bizarre and senseless rituals.  But many of them don’t believe half of the balderdash being tossed about; they just go there because there’s no place else that offers what they want.  Or, in the case of people brought up with the beliefs, it’s as Harold tells Rachel in …But the Girl Didn’t Believe It (ISBN: 978 1 45650 3 604):

“The thing is, these people sitting around looking pious have been doing it for so long they’ve forgotten that it was initially just a game they played to get along with the adults … like you’re doing with your dad and the Sunday school teacher, right?  They started out just like you.  I’m sure even your parents, by the way.  At some point they struggled with the same questions and issues, and, either consciously or subconsciously, they arrived at the same conclusion you have: that their immediate interest was best served by doing what you’re saying.  Don’t ask questions, don’t rock the boat, just mouth the words, play the game and try to get along.

“What happens, though, is they keep on suppressing that little voice in their minds, and after a number of years they can’t hear it at all any more.  They’ve convinced themselves that it doesn’t matter about none of it making any sense; going along with the group and pretending it does is the easiest thing to do.  Being accepted by everyone is important too, and, besides, believing the fairy tales is comforting.  So that’s how they live out the rest of their lives.”

I’m also an anarchist, meaning I think the world will be better off when we get rid of the coercive, violence-based State.  There are anti-State organizations who take it upon themselves to disseminate information about how evil and corrupt the institution is, and some even instigate vain, windmill-tilting acts of violence against State institutions.  But their paths will never get rid of the State.  No, the only way the State will die will be when non-violent, voluntary-based organizations step up and take its place, leaving it as a useless anachronism to be shut off as one would shut off a scratchy hi-fi because it was interfering with the clearer music coming from the mp3s on the USB stick plugged into the computer.

I’m with Harold in his implication that the universe of people ripe for inclusion in non-theist organizations is almost as large as the population of Earth itself.  But organizations that announce with their names the bullshit nature of the foundation on which religious people have built their lives won’t draw many of them in.  The big migration will come when people discover a place that fills the needs that took them to the churches in the first place, that replaces the corrosive messages of hate disguised as love with the wholesome message of reality … packaged in ways that satisfy their needs to be comforted about being human and all the uncertainty that brings … and bringing along the sense of belonging they used to get from mingling with their church friends.

Not to trivialize the task, because it will require lots of thought and effort.  But that’s what needs to be done if we really want to get rid of the scourge known as “religion”.


One of my greatest hopes and expectations of an atheist discussion group is for it to be a forum for subjects that are taboo and usually repressed by religious organizations. In other words, I want it to host open, frank, and uncensored discussions--perhaps about some very sensitive and even divisive issues. However, that is not the case with this site. Instead, contributions to this site are often deleted and the accounts of contributors summarily removed. This seems to be especially true in certain subject areas that apparently displease the person who  manages this site. For that reason alone, this site has been a disappointment to me, and I have not been motivated to contribute my time and energy to posting here. Instead, I'm searching for a different venue where open, non-belief based discussions about any and all reasonable subject matter is possible.

what is the purpose?

organizing to do what?

if it has to do with the abolition of the lies that have destroyed every continent and has murdered and reduced the indigenous people of each respective continent, then i would expect them to be vanguards of truth and be honest when addressing the core issue(s) that have resulted in the deplorable conditions and squalor that 90-95% of the worlds population currently lives in.


What exactly is your point? 

To what question or to whom is it addressed?

Are you an Atheist yourself?

How are atheists responsible for the squalor you mention?






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