What do you expect from an atheist organization?

What sort of benefits would make you join an atheist organization? What issues do you want them to address? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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You are assuming that atheism is a negative thing. But, in my experience, many/most atheists are FOR a great many things, and it is in this POSITIVE way that we come together.

We are FOR logic, reason, rationality, science and humanism.
We are FOR free speech and civil liberties.
We are FOR maximising individual freedom (at least to the extent that it does not impinge negatively on others).
We are FOR peace and non-violence.
We are passionately FOR justice.
We are FOR education and critical thinking.
We are FOR saving the planet - realizing that it's the only habitat we have, and there will be no God or Heaven to save us.
We are FOR pursuing happiness and health and personal fulfilment without guilt.
We are FOR the equality of all people - regardless of race or sexual identity.

I could go on and on. Atheism is positive, not negative. I have had only positive experiences meeting fellow atheists through meet-up and elsewhere. It is not just that we share a disbelief in God, we share a positive world-view. And yes, we share a common purpose in promoting the ideal of that world-view both socially and politically.
Well said! BRAVO!
Hi Kristy
You write:
"You are assuming that atheism is a negative thing."
No I'm not. I'm simply saying that Human nature does not usually motivate people to organize around non, or un belief.
Your list of things that you are FOR, or that atheists are FOR, is a list that you don't have to be an atheist to embrace. (with the exception of the first one perhaps).

Surely you are not saying that you are FOR justice because you are an atheist are you?

Atheism is neither positive nor negative. It is simply a state of being.
Atheism gives us independence that hold back many, and I won't say all, christians. Many christians do want there identity behind there causes, including civil rights and social equity, so why shouldn't atheist. To me, atheism is not about what I don't believe in, but rather by the fact that I am choosing by a morality not guided superstition.
You write:
***"To me, atheism is not about what I don't believe in, but rather by the fact that I am choosing by a morality not guided superstition."***

Yea, I understand, but I have simply chosen morality. My morality is not defined by what it is not guided by.
My atheism is incidental and has nothing to do with whether I am moral or not.
I choose morality because I am a human, because I am a member of a species that has evolved empathy like we evolved an opposable thumb. I don't choose to be moral because I am an atheist. I am moral because I am a human. I don't credit atheism for my morality anymore than I credit some religious creed.

By the way, what you "dont believe in" is exactly what makes you an atheist. What you do believe in makes you...well...Tedster.

Where did you get this from, "I'm simply saying that Human nature does not usually motivate people to organize around non, or un belief."

You don't have to believe in anything to congregate and meet people. Just think about all the conventions, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comics, Photography, and I can go on an on. People who attend them don't "believe" in it, but rather enjoy it, like it, love it, and want to talk about it with other people who enjoy it.

It is human nature, well animal nature, to gather in a group, to herd into a community. Community is stronger than an individual. Communities have power to move mountains, part seas.
I agree with Asa on this. It doesn't take much looking to see that there are numerous other groups and organizations out there that are FOR the items in Kristy's list without having to say they are atheists to do so. Nor was atheism the motivator for them. Even within the atheist "community" there are serious and hotly-contested differences of opinion on the interpretation of things like "maximising individual freedom", and "justice" and "pursuing happiness and health and personal fulfilment without guilt"

And to push back against the fire-breathers.  See http://www.npr.org/2012/06/14/155006347/radios-bryan-fischer-tries-...

I am entering this discussion very late and I hope that my reply will be noticed by you and other participants. Atheism is not negative. When someone does not believe in some thig, he may be believing in the opposite of that something. Atheists blieve in eradicating blind belief and regimented thinking. There should be nothing like believing in nothing and actually the theists believe in a non-existing entity, that is, in nothing. Atheists believe that this 'God shaped vaccum' should be filled with rational thinking. My request is that you study atheism more closely and then you may come to respect it, if not become an atheist yourself. Men form small groups because they offer better opportunity for better communication and promote personal bonding. There are many groups coming together for many purposes, atheism is only one of them. 


I personally would like to hang out on Easter weekend with the organizer. Watch him drink a lot, and then giggle when he leaves the bar with various women. Oh wait, I've already done that ;)
Free food.

Not much of a joiner these days. The last organisation from which I resigned was The Australian Labor Party.Right after Mark Latham was elected leader. I thought he was a knuckle dragging thug. As it turned out I was wrong; my view was far too charitable.

I am exceedingly skeptical of atheist organisations of all kinds,and will not join one.The reason is that I do not see atheism as an identifiable ideology or life philosophy,let alone a common interest.


I'm with Groucho Marx.


In my opinion:

The term "atheist" is a loaded word,more misunderstood than understood.

I am neither anti religion nor militant. I really don't care what anyone else believes or teaches their kids.

I was an active unionist all of my working life and a member of a political party until quite recently.I'm no longer willing to trust ANY political or quasi political group/ organisation to speak or act on my behalf,nor willing to be identified with the broad goals any such group through association.

Paranoid? ME? You bet your arse..


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