What do you expect from an atheist organization?

What sort of benefits would make you join an atheist organization? What issues do you want them to address? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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ill try to simplify it even further


first i have to assume that you know what an organization is

in case you dont

here is merriam webster ;)


Definition of organization: A social unit of people, systematically structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis.


now what is the purpose ( of the organization)

what is the objective/goal/aim of getting organized.


if the goal of the organization has to do with the abolition of the lies........ (u can scroll up for the excerpt.) then im all for it.


if it is not..then i do not think i would focus too much on it  nor expect it to produce  anything beyond the same crap that is produced by the majority of "organization(s)" that modern man has set up successfully.




I expect the following from an atheist 'organization'.


1. To stop or attempt to stop church/state violations. Both American Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation do exactly this. They attempt to stop the deliberate disinfranchisement of non god-believers by believers who get laws passed such as In God We Trust' placed on our secular money and 'Under God' added to our Pledge of Allegiance thuis making it a 'Pledge of religance'.

2. The disemmination of information in all areas regarding religion. An educated society is far better off than one that is not.

3. To find people that are of the same mindset so we also can organize and have our voices heard.

4. To aid in the blocking of little children being indoctrinated by outright lies and coersion to believe in Jesus as their Lord and savior. This sort of brainwashing destroys critical thinking and their education in the higher sciences is stunted.

I did not ask for you to verbatim an oxford dictionary. I simply asked are you an atheist as many of your posts indicate you are possibly not. Do you hold a view that the atheist community is some how representative of the western world. The abolition of lies is subjective and not objective in such a complex world. I myself find many particular facets of our global society very disturbing, But what particular areas of concern specifically would you like to focus on. Many of your posts in other threads indicate a total lack of understanding when it comes to human rights, For example you have made offensive remarks about women and homosexuals. We already as a community go to great lengths to support both of these areas of equal rights campaigning and many more. so please get a bit more specific.

When I review all the good things atheists organizations attempt to do it's truly inspiring. Their daily letter-writing to school districts that continue to flaunt Jesus in the face of non-Christians and the many other news items that report on 'what religion does' is truly wonderful. Letting the public know all about pedophile priests, pastors etc. is just good journalism.


Also, the posting of the 'hateful mail' that comes from Christian mouths because they are being delayed in 'taking over America' is interesting. The love, peace and compassion expoused from Christian mouths is a cover-up for their incideous desire to convert to Jesus everything that walks, talks or breathes. In some cases, like  Mormonism - even the dead can't be safe. They obtain names from public roles of deceased people...and if they aren't baptised into the Mormon church - standing by are volunteers to do such 'baptisms for the dead'. Even the dead are fair game.


If - and should Christians finally complete their goal of 'saving' every living and dead human being - I'm certain they will feel the desire to 'save' even non-talking tools such as rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc. See...it will never end. Everyone an everything will be under the control of Jesus.

and don't forget the magic panties.........

You asked me a question, that had already been adequately answered supra...

your inquiry implied that you had a lack of understanding regarding organizations.

your understanding of human rights is also substandard...

if human rights were something that everyone was equally granted..what was the purpose for civil rights?

has that amendment been properly ratified?

ok..your "rant" is rather emotional..

if you can pull up and post the defamatory statements i have made about women, please do so..if you can not do so, please check your emotional baggage and lies at the door.

if you can pull up and post ANY defamatory statements that i have made towards general groups of people, then please do so.

that is called a challenge.

that is what one does when they MAKE ALLEGATIONS...

they back them up.

when you are ready to do so...do so

until then your blah blah rudimentary drivle will be treated as such.

To find an atheist as a life partner.   Most dating sites are flooded with those unsuitable christians.  They are not only the majority, they have no clue, that an atheistic woman like me would not want a christian, if he were the last man on earth........   And of course also nobody of any other religion.

Maruli - generaly you are correct - but finding an atheist 'man' doesn't guarantee you much except lack of gawd belief...and that alone will not substain a relationship.

I dated a Filipino woman a few years ago - knowing full well she was Catholic. The Spanish Christian Conquistadores overran those islands in the 15th century - killing off the men that would not submit and raping every female in sight.

Gently - I asked her if she were Catholic and if she knew the how's and why of how the islands became that way. She knew the basics but had never learned the horror of the true story....and many and most other things about her Christianity...due to the fact that those priests - so revered and honored - never told the true story about much of anything. She even wasn't aware of the thousands of priests pedophile's running around doing 'what they do'....she had heard of it...but her religious circles never discussed it. We certainly did....and lots more.

She was facinated and the relationship went very well. Moral of story - don't eliminate all god-believers - as you just may find one that isn't really knowledgable - isn't pious and holy - and actually may have doubts even though their 'profile' says 'Christian'. You just might find the love of your life - you never know!

Being an atheist does not make a man automatically a suitable mindmate for me.   There are some other criteria.   But a relationship between two equal partners requires mutual respect.  

If a man in my age group has any religious faith, christian or other, he is either too stupid for me or he is mentally ill needing the delusion of a god, in which case I have condescension and pity for him.   But I cannot respect him.   So I need to find a partner, who is as one important criteria an atheist by apistia.    

Since I just recently joined this discussion group - you will find no more hard-core atheist than myself. My response regarding the finding of a suitable mate was simply stating that just because one in their profile states; Religion - Christian - doesn't 'really' mean they know a damn thing about Christianity...go to church - or think they are holy and special chosen of the Club of God.


These sorts can be weeded out fast and furious! My example of the Filipino woman was a perfect example. In reality, she knew damn near next to nothing about Christianity or Catholic's...even though she grew up strict Catholic - went to an all girls schools taught by nuns etc. They are so suppressed to NEVER ask questions of a priest etc. becasue these people are on the direct gospel teleophone line to God...that they are simply brainwashed and indoctrinated in the simpliest manner. She found me very refreshing and open minded and damn smart regarding all that she had never been exposed to.

You could 'get lucky' and be able to do the same for a man calling himself "Christian" yet not understanding nor knowing even the timest little bit about the history of his peer group. I got lucky - maybe you can to! lol

In my age group (I am 62) I can reasonably expect that a man with a minimum level of formal education and intelligence to be mutually able to respect each other as equals has sorted out his own basic attitudes.  If he has not arrived by his own thinking to a conscious conclusion to either belief in a god and call himself christian/religious or else to reject that belief and then call himself atheist or agnostic or non-believer, then I have my doubts as to his being suitable as a partner for intellectual intimacy and companionship.  

We are in the same age group. It was just under 10-years ago when I ran into this Filipino woman and she was age 51 at the time. one may think that this means it's never to late - but we have two problems here.

1. Women - expecially Filipion women are pretty suppressed socially rgarding religion. They are not as open and expressive as most American women.

2. I would think it would be a lot more difficult finding a man that was so demure and not openly more confident in himself and his views.

Doesn't mean it's impossible - just to provide encouragement - just more difficult than my situation.




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