What do you expect from an atheist organization?

What sort of benefits would make you join an atheist organization? What issues do you want them to address? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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But my situation is logically very different.   I can discard all men, who do not define themselves as atheists/agnostics/non-religious, without making a mistake.  As was already stated in another threat, there are much more men calling themselves atheist as there are women. 

Therefore I can assume with very high probability, that a man in my age group calling himself a christian, really is somehow irreversibly afflicted with religious faith and not suitable.   So any atheist group or forum is a good place to look. 

(AN has more than 24,000 members.   Where are the single and lonely men in my age group?   Not one has contacted me yet, even though I am busy getting notorious.....)

I had no idea thre were 24,000 members so that should up the odds. Hopefully, LOTS of men are reading this thread! Perhaps a thread should be started just for singles?

There are 17,363 male members on AN.   There is a group 'Atheist Singles'.  I did not intend to hijack this thread for publicity of my personal search outside the singles group.  

I just could not resist the temptation to add a little hint, when the discussion turned this way.  

I am not a stickler for staying really directly on-track with a subject. I like letting the discussion go wherever it may go. It's a GOOD thing you've let more folks know about you. I can't wait until our next conversation to see what happens!

im curious...

when did the "organization" get defined as a "dating" organization?

In my personal experience, i have found common ground within all cultures and all belief systems, that i have encountered personally.

This is probably due to my disposition...

athiests are in my opinion in the same boat as hindus or judeochislamians...

all are BELIEVERS..

belief is in my opinion the same as disbelief.

they both are a state of ignorance, unknowing etc.

this is why, i have no problem with atheists or religious people, or their books and manuscripts....

i have read most of the ones i could find..

and have found that the message is the same in essence, and that the general intention was a positive one.

nit picking between tomatoes and tomahtoes is a waste of energy in my opinion.

the survival of the fittest, competitive modality is rather passe..

it leaves ONLY ONE at the end of the cmpetition.

co-operation rather than competition is, in my opinion the only way to acheive true progress.

ie, someones "beliefs" about things they can not see, can hinder the progress of "relationships"( of which there are many types)..

but to whos advantage is this "division"?

to whos disadvantage?

yours, mine, or the "conquering faction" whether it be group a, group b, thought a, or thought b?

when did the "organization" get defined as a "dating" organization?

I only gave my personal and subjective reply to the question, what I would expect from an atheist organization.   Likeminded people can find each other as couples in organizations, no matter if they are political, or concering a hobby or a sport. 

thanks for the clarity.

so you'd expect to be able to find a suitable date/partner within the atheist organization

okie dokie

peace and positive vibes

Nothing. Only being here. It is more than enough.

Right not, I'm new to atheism, and I'm most interested in helping people on the fence to come out as atheists.

Should to shoulder!

Intelligent conversations with like-minded realists :)

One would think an atheist organisation would be opposed in it's operation, structure, dealings and principles what religion is not. You would expect a dedicated commitment to free speech, an aversion to hypocrisy, a guard against dominant personalities and an atmosphere of free thinking. 

An atheists organisation in many ways is an oxmoron. They say you can't herd cats and in the case of an atheist organisation you'd have to wonder if those who join were "cats" to begin with. Some atheist organisations may serve as a sort of halfway house on the road away from religion. 

Atheist organisations will, like religions, tend to create people who have a tribal defence view even when it comes to the standards they claim to be for, such as freedom of speech. Like those in a religion they will see the faults in other organisations while not seeing those same faults in their own. 

It's often repeated that a Muslim becomes Muslim and a Christian becomes a Christian by virtue of geography. That's true. It's also true that geography creates the type of atheist organisation having been born out of the mental conditions of where it's formed. A German organisation will have a German atmosphere. If you had an atheist organisation in Iran it would be made up of Iranian Muslim atheists and in Ireland you'd have one made up of Irish Catholic atheists.




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