What do you guys say when someone offers to pray for you?


I'm new here and was just wondering what you guys say to someone when they hear about a situation with you or your family and they respond by saying "you have my prayers" or "I'll be praying for you" or something like that? I don't usually say much or just move the conversation on, but more and more as I age maybe, I want to somehow tactfully let them know that I don't believe in god(s) or prayers. I am not at all offended, if they believe they will help me by praying, so be it, but for some odd reason I never know what to say when someone tells me they'll be praying for me... Any suggestions or input would be appreciated! Have a great weekend everyone!

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'Say it again. Say it again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say it one more Goddamn time!'


ha... oh you gotta get dumb w/em... since they're praying i mean playing dumb...
usually "okeedoke, keep on rocking in the free world!!!"


I just say thanks.  I try to use analogy when it comes to intent matched with belief.  The intent was well wishes but the belief was theirs and not yours.  If it is turned into more such as "can I pray with you?" then you can use the pulp fiction episode, haha, no just kidding.  Seriously tho, I would probably say no thanks.

My new favourite is:

"Thanks but I am having a close personal relationship with reality."

Of course I wouldn't use this ALL the time, but it certainly is necessary some of the time.

The posts here have inspired me. I'll give the prayperson a grin and say "I'd rather have money."

Thanks for all of the replies. I guess I need to think of it as "they believe what they are offering will help me" -- even though it's not what I believe. I need to not get so irritated.. thanks for all of the varied replies guys, I love this atheistnexus forums thing, its great to know I am not alone in not believing in god.

I don't get irritated about it. I'm just a one-man meme-breaker. I can be very sarcastic and confrontational, at times. Do whatever seems fun, at the time. I find it a great deal of fun to mock people for their Bronze Age superstitions.

I'm tired of the meme about not criticizing people's religious beliefs. I lay into idiots who use homeopathic remedies, too.

Well, someone needs to tell it to the homeopaths.  If water was going to cure anybody, we'd all be cured already.

On the other hand, the poisons sold as "homeopathy", even though they are in much too low of dilutions to be traditionally homeopathic... The people selling those need to go to jail.  Eg, for the babies who died of belladonna poisoning using Hyland's Teething Tablets.

To put it another way, if you're going to give someone water, don't dehydrate it first.

What the hell dilution were they using?  10x dilution is sufficient to make even pure bleach perfectly safe to consume.

Officially, I believe it was supposed to be 4X, but there was actually huge variation from lot to lot.


Yeah, 4x is not enough, if you're dealing with a fairly potent, concentrated toxin, before you start diluting it.  That's only a 1/100,000,000 dilution.  You could potentially build up a good deal of the original substance, if you take enough of the stuff.

If there were poor quality controls, it could be even worse.  Get one batch of 2X, and it's "Oh shit!" time.

My brother just got out of the hospital and almost died due to a virus. Everyone is saying they are praying for his quick recovery. I'm having trouble understanding why adults can't see what's wrong with their logic. So god couldn't prevent the virus, so, what's prayer for? Very frustrating. I literally get ill when peeking in on the facebook conversations. I hate to say that about my family and extended family, but it's true. This is one reason i don't have facebook (i use my mom's sign in to view profiles:). I'd probably get jumped if i went against the prayer for recovery business, and i'd have trouble restraining my thoughts online. 




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