What do you guys think of this prophecy explanation?

Alright, so I was researching some stuff on the Israel becoming a nation again and stumbled across this site. They're trying say that the Bible predicted the date that Israel will become a nation again. You can check it out and tell me what you think. It's interesting but seems like some f*ckery going on. Thoughts?


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I read a lot everyday and at a high level and still I can't understand what you're trying to say. It sounds kinda like you're defending the Bible. Which if you are I don't mind, but what I wanted was some thoughts this prophecy thing. You didn't really leave me with much to work with.

Crusty old patriarchs' wishes/ignorances/lies with a bit of sexual fantasy and partly plagiarizing the Hamurabi Code.

Has anyone found traces of the Gilgamesh story in the OT?

Well, after reading the site, I can give you a couple thoughts as an atheistic former Wiccan never Christian.

a) Numerology is considered a sin in the Bible. That is exactly what the writer is doing, thus the writer is a hypocrite by his own doings.

2) The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy (or cherry-picking): I could equally pick nothing more than a group of Bible books and verses and come up with the same date. Or any other date. The fact of the matter is the date is the one it is because that is the date the State of Israel declared its independence from the British Palestine Mandate over the former Ottoman Empire province, nothing more.

iii) I could also make predictions of the founding date of the USA based on the Qu'ran, or Stalin's birth from the Declaration of Independence, if I twisted up enough logic like a sponge.

D) Prophecy properly defined is where the prediction is unambiguously made before the fact, cannot be anything else, and is shown to have occurred exactly as predicted without foreknowledge of the events. For example, in the Book of Armaments, 3:16 one might read, "And Verily I say unto you that the land shall rise again, and shall be called the State of Israel, but unlike before as a parliamentary democracy, on May 14, 1948 in the New Style Gregorian Calendar."

Like all alleged Biblical "prophecy," our apologist on this Website already has a conclusion (the date of the formation of the State of Israel) and goes picking through a two thousand page book to find things that fit his conclusion, and disregards those that don't (like Israel will not arise again until the putative Second Coming of Christ as predicted in the Apocalypse - Revelation).

*) Reading such sites are a hazard to your health, and should contain a black box warning not to mix with medications, reason, or intelligence. - James.

Alright, so it would seem you and I have a very similar thought. Thank you for your detailed reply. It was interesting :)

Thank you, and yes when I was reading it I thought it was interesting, but I was very skeptical as it would seem that you can come up with a number of random "prophecies" doing this numeral crap. It's really of not impressive anyway considering it was done way after the fact. 




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