What do you say to an anniversary party on October 26th? A 6020th Anniversary.

Archbishop Ussher said the Creation took place at nine in the morning on that date in the year 4004.

We atheists have a lot to celebrate. What other days do you suggest?

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The funny thing is that most young earth creationists go along with Ussher even if they do not commit to the exact day and time for this event. They fight for this date as proof and say it disproves evolution while at the same time admitting that they are not Catholic.

Figure that one out.

I say hold on the celebration until the guy who supposedly did all the work can be bothered to show up.  If he can't be bothered to make an appearance, why should I?

Free food?  

What, there's no free food?

If the honoree were to show up there might be great fireworks!

But he hasn't attended any of the previous parties, at least in visible form.

Maybe we could just have a minute of silence sometime during the day?

Jerry, I was thinking that after a minute of celebratory noise at nine, a Big Banger could give us a better date and time for the creation.

Tom, you think the big bang never happened. Did your Catholic mom tell you the stork brought you?

Bert, the Big Bang is a Big Fraud, my mom was Methodist, and she would have told me a pussy brought me.

Bert, a postscript.

The Bang and xianity's god have at least two things in common:

1) they both have many who say they exist, and

2) neither has any evidence for its existence.

What about receding galaxies? That's what they say anyway. Call meSgt. Schultz - I know nothink.

Some say "receding galaxies"; others say "In God we trust".

Bert, remain Sgt. Schultz if you like.

Or visit these:



Hmmm - I checked out a couple of the Thunderbolts videos, and it seemed a bit like Ed Wood Jr. came back to life and produced a film of a Dan Brown novel.

Bert, be warned. What follows has pissed off a few people in my writers' groups.

Fiction is for people who need to escape their realities.

Non-fiction is for people who need to engage their realities.

I think the proper gift for a 6020th anniversary is plutonium.




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