When someone comments that they will pray for you, what do you say back? Even when I was a pretending christian I felt awkward when people said they would pray for me....

Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer. - Anonymous

and another one I am pseudo-quoting since I can't find a reference at the moment........

Helping hands are far more useful than praying ones.

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Oooo - that's a good one too. :^D
My mother has recently gotten into being a born again Christian, so she prays about everything. When she tells me she is praying for me, I smile warmly and say, "Thank you for your love, support and thoughts. It means a lot." She knows I'm an atheist, and she knows I don't believe in prayer. However, I am sincere when I tell her thank you. She knows that.

Sometimes I think that all that matters it the thought in my situation. It shows that you are appreciative of their thoughts, no matter if you believe they are misguided.

On the other hand, I'm not afraid to bite back with something sarcastic if I get the inkling that they are doing something to irk me.
I say "No need thanks" to my cousin who wants to pray for me

I don't wanna help them in their delusion :)
I've been sick lately and hear this regularly from family and acquaintances. They believe that their prayers are going to make me better and are therefore trying to do something nice for me. I despise it when people preach to me about god so I feel preaching to them about a lack thereof would be hypocritical. I thank them for the good wishes and quietly hope that they will find their way to fight a lifetime of brainwashing.
Context, context, context. If you feel a person is wishing you well or you're not sure, just say "thank you." If it's delivered in such a way you know they're just expressing their contempt for you ... I've been known to say: pray where it's really needed ... pray for yourself. Just understand "them's fightin' words."
It depends on the context. If I think they are well intentioned, I will either thank them or say nothing.

If they were to say it in response to finding out that I was an atheist, my response would be harsh, swift and not kind. I'd tell them I don't need a shout out to their zombie jesus, thank you very much.
Tell'm to pray all they want, it sure beats standing on the street corner selling dope!
I just say, "Thank you."
I say, "I'd rather have a dollar."

Here is a meta-analysis of prayer research:

I return with a question, "Why do you pray for people? God gave people free will therefore they'll just do whatever they want anyway.. right?"
Ooooooooooooo! Good one!
Lol, I never take it seriously. I hardly think they will remember to pray for me in most cases anyway. They'd be too busy praying for the bigger issues in their life than for someone they bumped into etc.

I do like how you've put some thought into rebutting their unwanted comment/s. However, it is most likely a waste of breath on your part and would probably (no matter how politely you try to make it sound) would end up offending the person.




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