My names Doug Kalagian and I'm new to Atheistnexus. Last year i started a club at my orange county high school called the Freethinking Atheist& Agnostic Kinship. It has recently be turned into a non-profit organization with high hopes of spreading to other high schools . I started the club when i was 17 and I am now 18, now being the president of the largest and most participated in club on campus.

Check out my website

I'd love to hear some feedback on what i could improve and whatnot!

Also, any other high school students who are interested in starting a chapter may email me at FreethinkingAAkinship@gmail.com


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oh haha jeez, yeah just looked um up. Im gonna get rid of them asap haha thanks =P
Good idea.I'd have used a dolphin as a mascot as they are smarter than sharks.




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