I think it is great fun for the kids. I am for it to continue. I love the decorations and the costumes. The sound of kids yelling "Trick or Treat!" The fall leaves blowing everywhere.

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I love Halloween! It's just all-out fun. :-)

Just because I'm no longer a theist doesn't mean I can't enjoy my culture and fun festivities. That goes for other holidays, too. And I enjoy the ones here in Japan, as well. :-)
Halloween rocks. Is there a push to get rid of it now? It is currently more of an adult's holiday because of all the safety paranoia for kids, though.
What about Frankie?
What about scaring the kids on hay rides? When I was a kid here in the 'burbs of Detroit, we had what we called Devil's Night - the night before Halloween where we would toilet paper the neighborhood. Write messages on cars with soap bars. And a whole lot more.
Usually the cops get in the way of mischief night...plus, it isn't so fun to be on the receiving end of it.
Right, Cane.  Now we have "Angel's Night" where volunteers drive around to help keep an eye on things and prevent the fires that were so prevalent on Devil's Night in recent years.  Long ago, it was TPing trees and soaping people's windows.  I remember walking up to my Catholic grade school when I was in maybe 4th or 5th grade to see every window in the school covered in streaks from bars of soap  LOL
I liked watching Abbott and Costello movies when they met Frankenstein and Dracula, and the Werewolf Scooby Doo was cool around Halloween too. What about "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"
It's my favorite holiday.
I loved the old Abbot and Costello movies on Sunday morning!  And I never miss the Charlie Brown holiday cartoons :)
I think its a good excuse to dress up as something adorable and fluffy and go troll for drunk women at the bar.

My wife and I love the plaque in our house which reads:  "Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything."


I celebrate xmas (Put the X back in Xmas) with the 'tards.  I drink myself silly on Good Friday and mock the cult of death.  I'd celebrate Ramadan if it didn't involve fasting.  WTF?

Add channukah. 8 more presents. Or cash. <3 And candles are pretty. (Festivus~)


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