I think it is great fun for the kids. I am for it to continue. I love the decorations and the costumes. The sound of kids yelling "Trick or Treat!" The fall leaves blowing everywhere.

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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday! I will be celebrating my 30th Halloween this year and can say I've dressed up all 30x's :) It's been tradition in my house to decorate on Labor Day, and they stay up until mid-November.

Recently I've discovered the Mexican Day of the Dead (november 1st and 2nd), and I am very excited to celebrate my first this year. I plan to visit my sister-in-laws grave with my family and clean it up and decorate it. I think Day of the Dead is a wonderful way to honor the departed and cope with the finality of death, especially for those that do not believe in an afterlife.

That is a great idea! I worry though that the Mexican Day of the Dead, may have some mysticism involved with it.
Halloween lovers should consider spending one in San Francisco.  Grown ups on Castro Street and kids on Day Street.  That town knows how to ween it up!
china makes a killing; vacant warehouses around strip malls do well for the season their opened..well the couple months.. gruesome stuff nowdays! place by target in davie florida; freekn' nasty demon fetus the hole nine; if you had a f'd up past i don't suggest going to a halloween warehouse~! LOL. yet it's like a lit free haunted house of stuff!


dress like foliage. lol
it was literally dismal last year for somereason.. used to be hoardes of kids/people... i think there will be more the more secular america gets back to being indeed. !
I love Halloween... although I'm not happy that Halloween is on a Monday this year. I love making costumes and dressing up and going to parties. As a kid I loved trick-or-treating and trying to see how full of candy I could get my pillow case and being scared just for the fun of it.

I used to sew my sons' costumes every year - crayon, bumble bee, super hero, clown, knight, soldier.  Halloween is a great chance to have fun and I love seeing the little ones all dressed up on the Big Night!


I always felt bad for one family at my sons' school.  They were SUPER Catholic and would keep their kids home on the day of the class party.  They weren't even allowed to participate in any Halloween crafts or coloring activities :(


What's the opinion of teenagers trick-or-treating?  Some feel there should be some age cut-off, while others say what's the harm?  They aren't out causing trouble, but rather participating in a fun, innocent activity.

Yeah, I always feel for the kids who don't get to participate in those sorts of things.

Teenagers trick-or-treating is alright, I guess. It seems a bit odd, but might as well enjoy it while they can. I'm actually a teenager myself, but the trick-or-treating part got kinda boring for me, I was only interested in the candies, so now I just eat leftover candy and steal some from my sisters ;)
I always thought if I had kids, I'd host a horror movie marathon for them and their friends for Halloween. Of course, if my kids turned out not to be movie buffs like me, then I'd have to figure something else out..
I like Halloween alright. I like eating the chocolate afterward :9
Lately I stay home and pass out candy while my younger sisters go out trick-or-treating. For some reason it's awkward opening the door to a bunch of kids in costumes and giving them candy XD
Lol at Halloween being on a Sunday sometimes. Everyone wants to do it Saturday instead....
Any excuse to dress up as far as I'm concerned. XD That's the main reason I do anime conventions, too. It's such a secular holiday now, that it does not make one a hypocrite to enjoy it.

Dressing up in fun/scary costumes? Candy? Scaring your friends? Chasing after them when they scare you? What's not to love about halloween? Although i don't like the constant cheap movie costume, if you want to dress up go all out!


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