So I recently had occasion to wonder what on earth I can moan and scream other than the classic-yet-deistically-biased, "Oh God!" And the worst part is, it's *distracting*. My cerebral brain kicks in when I least want it to, because of the inconsistency of enjoying a purely carnal act free of the shackles of guilt and fear caused by religion, and the invocation of a pissed off daddy figure. I'm vocal, so just biting my tongue isn't an ideal solution. I need *something* to shout when I have something to shout about.

Suggestions of any stripe - humorous or serious, previously tested or merely hypothetical - are all welcome and encouraged.

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It's bloody annoying when New Agers, Eastern Mystics, and scientist talk about 'God'... they should really speak specifically about what they are talking about - like a highly superior intelligence or the laws of physics in the case of scientists... the word 'god' implies Christianity, Judaism, and maybe Islam in western culture...

Any thing now-a-days called 'yoga' including Kundalini is nonsense and harmful to human mind. Living simply and doing one's work sincerely is all that is required for well-being. 

The word 'yoga' is from Vaidic literature, where it means composition of different ingredients for preparing a medicinal formulation. It has nothing to do with what it is related today. 

Uhmm...I'd have to get sex first.
o my dallas what are we going to do with you!! that a literal question? Do you want a blow by blow account?
LOLOLOL !! wow i think you caught me with my pants down with that one Dallas.
Oh, but both of you are rising to the occasion!
How about "Hurry before my hour is up!"
I feel like I kinda owe religion because sex is sooo good when its so carnal!! That make sense, dirtier the better. In the past it was all the porno stuff if thats what they liked, some liked to hear their name mixed with all the filthy talk. My goddess now well crack up if I go into a Max Hardcore routine, and sometimes I do it to make her laugh just because. Other times I say yes Mistress and no Mistress, and thank you may I have another, but that may be a different post. But does have something to do with why she loves your corsets!!
I tried out "Oh GODLESS!" last night to great success and only mild giggling from both parties



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