So I recently had occasion to wonder what on earth I can moan and scream other than the classic-yet-deistically-biased, "Oh God!" And the worst part is, it's *distracting*. My cerebral brain kicks in when I least want it to, because of the inconsistency of enjoying a purely carnal act free of the shackles of guilt and fear caused by religion, and the invocation of a pissed off daddy figure. I'm vocal, so just biting my tongue isn't an ideal solution. I need *something* to shout when I have something to shout about.

Suggestions of any stripe - humorous or serious, previously tested or merely hypothetical - are all welcome and encouraged.

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Just doesn't have the right ring, y'know!
Depends on the effect you want.
Yell their name and they'll like it.
Try yelling someone else's name and you could get interesting reactions. :)
That's why in high school I dated three guys in a row named "Chris". I was pretty much safe yelling my ex's name in that context.

I did punch a guy in the head once for yelling another girl's name.
Called another girl's name? Too funny! Too insulting!
Yeah, our COWORKER. Again, I punched him in the head.
I agree with Don. I use OMG all the time, just in daily speech.
It's not that I think it's morally WRONG - it's that it distracts me at a moment I'd rather keep my focus where it's supposed to be :p
Exactly. I don't have a problem screaming "OMIGOD! That is a HUGE. FUCKING. SPIDER!" or whatever, but when I "god" during sex part of my brain (not usually active at such times) wakes up and goes "Wait a minute. What?"

Since I wasn't raised in a religion, I've tried to weed references to it out of my speech for over a decade, so I always notice when I say "god."
I don't like it when girls say my name during sex.  The ones who do it always seem to have the motivation of thinking I will like it/making me like them more.  Cheap trick, in my opinion, and I am immune to it.  Ok, not immune.  It actually irritates me.

My wife's father called his wife things like sweety, hun and baby. They learned later it was because he couldn't remember her name for the first six months and didn't want to call her the wrong name.

I think I tend to be pretty quiet with the occasional gasp or moan, but it depends what we're up to. Yelps aren't unheard of.
"Where's my breakfast?!"



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