What are the benefits that alleged Allah (God) gains in Ramadan of getting hunger of millions and millions of people (his slaves according to him) especially children, and aged people? Scientifically approved that preventing children from food for a long periods will cause tragic consequences against their health and psyches. Doesn’t he know that?? Is that sense?? Is that reasonable?? Is there a God likes his slaves “according to him” to get hungry and be harmed?? Is that a God or a devil?

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eh? perhaps that's how they purge themselves from toxicity of spices and herbs?
And don't forget the mass blood sacrifice of sheep at the end of Ramadan. Allah seems to enjoy hunger and torture.
Islam makes no general provision for animal sacrifice. However, it is considered to be incumbent upon sufficiently wealthy Muslims to sacrifice a large mammal during Eid ul-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice), which falls during the period of Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Typically, a sheep or goat is sacrificed, although some sacrifice cattle or a camel instead. The meat is usually given as charity to the poor, in commemoration of the Sacrifice of Ismail, in which God tested the faith of Abraham (Ibrahim) by ordering him to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Ismail).
Thou, O wise Why does not believe in the existence of God
You are smart
watched this video to realize that God exists
heard to your heart
If I am wrong you'll know that becouse you are not naive


Peace be upon you

human eats, sleeps, feels, tired, hungry, gain ...
These human qualities
when i tell you what does you gain from game, you say money
Do you know the attributes of God, do not
so, you cannot tell "What does Allah (God) gain of the hunger of people in Ramadan?"
becouse "gain" Not the attributes of God
like: you can't say "waht does the ball feels"
You will understand very much when you see this video
thank you;


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