I'm generally not a 'joiner' by nature but I would like to get more involved in atheism/separation of church and state and contribute in some way that is productive.  I just don't know what the hell that means.  So, if you consider yourself 'involved' in the movement what do you do and how did it start?  I need some concrete examples here, and I need to start small.  Think baby steps.  I have never gotten 'involved' in anything my entire sad sorry little life so I just don't know what that looks like.  

Also, anything family friendly (I have 2 small kids) would be great. :)

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I'm not "involved" persay but I think a great place to start is to participate in a secular awareness group if you can find one locally. I'm trying to get involved in it at my university, but I can't seem to find it! xD But I think it would be a great place to start because you could discuss ideas and perspectives on life and stuff and perhaps there would be a few like-minded parents there.
I'm just starting to "get involved"; I plan on joining the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley for an outing and maybe even tree decorating in the park the day after Thanksgiving (I really did love decorating the family Christmas tree and my own Yule tree every year). I got to the point where I found myself thinking, "Okay, awareness raised, what's next?".

A quick glance at Meetup.com shows me...

The Greater Baltimore Atheist Community: http://greaterbaltimoreatheistcommunity.com/
The Baltimore Atheists Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/Baltimore-Atheist/
The Baltimore Secular Humanists: http://bsh.wash.org/
The Anne Arundel County Secular Humanists Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/Anne-Arundel-County-Secular-Humanists-Meetup-...

With four local groups, you may be able to work something out with your no doubt busy schedule. The Anne Arundel County group seems more interested in creating family events, but it would't hurt to approach the others; at the very least you might scare up a few more families to hang out with.

Also, check out the groups on AN if you haven't already. There are the Maryland Atheists at least: http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/marylandatheists
AHH! I have to update my profile page!! Sorry, I'm in the UK under military orders, based in MD though, which is why i listed under 'MD'. I checked out meetup and didn't see anything in my area, there is a conference in February in Manchester that I'm planning on going to.

I've been thinking about starting a small group on the military base & I'd really like to have it be with a science bent and child inclusive. I think nature walks / astronomy camping would be fun. But it would depend a lot on the other members. And how the hell you *get* other members.
Doh! Oh well. Let us know how the conference in Manchester goes. :)

When you go to the conference you could print up some cards with contact information for the group you are trying to form. That way, if you meet people from your neck of the woods you can exchange contact information to meet later.

A fun thing that you can do on a monthly or more basis is host a star party. Take a look at NASA's page about hosting them: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/sightings/

One thing you'll notice about me is I'll shamelessly promote astronomy whenever I can. ;)

You might be interested in the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. It is for all nontheistic service members, regardless of country or branch. They also have an official group on AN.
Thanks for the information! I have to check out the star party thing, we are just starting to star-gaze so this is a big help.
More than one way to get involved. You don't always have to be at the front lines marching and protesting which is definitely a good thing but just exercising your right and using the First Amendment is being involved I think. Words are as powerful as actions.
In Florida. Meetup.com? FLASH group (in my groups) has parents chapter that meets at parks, zoos, seasonal picnic parties.

Future is yours. Shame on the blasphemy law in IRL.

It truly is all about the kids. Free-thinking parents want to see their kids understand the world and all there is to learn about w/o superstitious or manipulative influence. Shame how it's all about the money in regards to the 'faith' based.

Atheist Ireland is on youtube. Not sure about Atheist UK. Ask Dawkins. He spoke of new secular schools I think.


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