Mine was catholisim.. no magic underwear but enough dogma rituals to be a warped game of Simon says!! Curious as to others an what they broke free from?

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Assemblies of God is what I broke from. It's a branch of Pentecostal. They really love the end times, and are looking forward to the Rapture any time now.

Protestant Congregationalism was never that bad, and indeed, the congregation I came from was a decent and friendly gang.  The dogma I freed myself from wasn't so much from them as it was from society in general, and it had to do with homosexuality and the supposed "wrongness" of that.  Getting shut of that misapprehension took a long time and some serious self-exploration, and I should also mention that I had some GREAT help during one portion of that process.

The bottom line is that I have been able to recognize and embrace my own bisexuality and I couldn't give a rip what the church or anyone else has to say about it.

Roman Catholic. And, as an extra added bonus, I did the paperwork that got me officially stricken from their roles. I am now an official former Catholic, as the church and I have legally parted ways.

It takes real courage to stand up for what you believe in. It's even harder to really accept who you are as well. I admire all of your stories, and thank you for sharing with me.


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