What evidence would you require to believe in a higher power?

It always has bewildered me being in a scientific field that there are so many religious scientists. I had one pose a question to me the other day, one that I honestly had never considered before.  I would like to pose it to the community and see others requirements.  

What evidence would make you change your mind and start believing in a higher power? My first response was obviously others must have had the same, simultaneous experience to ensure I was not in the middle of a stroke, hallucinating etc... Beyond this, what requirements should be have.

Naturally, I posed the question back to the religionist, and of course the answer was no evidence would convince them that their god was not real.

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Whatever the evidence would be, it would HAVE to be objective, testable, and consistent as all get-out.  There could be no presuppositions as to WHICH god was revealing itself, and any analysis would have to be done from a clean sheet of paper.  Also, keep in mind:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-- Arthur C. Clarke

We could as easily be dealing with a highly advanced alien or aliens as with some form of deity ... which brings another point: How Do You Even DEFINE a "Higher Power?!?"

Oh, and yet another point: as it comes to me, at least (and probably most everyone else here), we wouldn't be talking about "belief;" we'd be talking about KNOWLEDGE.  I have no faith, have no use for faith, and those things I believe have considerable substance behind them.  Belief in things unseen is a complete non-starter with me.

And one last point: maybe some deity does manage to show itself and is verified as such.  Terrific, we now KNOW that there is a god.  Does that mean I WORSHIP said god?  Ohhhhhhh, guess again, Skippy!

Loren, love your reply.  I agree with the Arthur C. Clarke quote, and your take on advanced aliens.

And, thanks for the laugh: "guess again, Skippy!"

God would have to show himself during the Superbowl.  and it better not be a trick!

The Superbowl already has too many commercials.  We don't need this on top of it.  Oh, and insofar as half-time entertainment is concerned, he/she/it would do well to have a better show than The Who did a couple years back, if he wants any cred at all!

I would be pretty disappointed if god showed up on Super Bowl Sunday. Any other Sunday, please .... I'd like to enjoy the game.

I've seen some Christian movies about the Rapture, Jesus coming back and talking to someone incognito, then revealing himself by doing miraculous things.

It would seem very bizarre if the Christians suddenly got raptured, etc. - like having a book superimposed on the universe.  I would be quite discombobulated and freaked out, at least. 

I agree Patricia,  he would have "too damn much to answer for".

How would you know what "he" had in the genital area? 

Sorry, just force of habit from 50 years indoctrination.

Same way anyone else does ... examination ... presuming he/she/it has legs to look between in the first place!

You think advanced aliens would let you go peering under their clothing? 

Would you know the difference between God and advanced aliens by their behavior? 

I think I can understand why a scientist might believe in some kind of a god, but can not understand the ones that say no evidence would convince them that their god was not real.  That is saying that they are not scientists.  They may work in the field, but they do not have a correct understanding of science.

What evidence would convince me that there was a god.  It would have to be scientific evidence, and it would have to be a greater amount than the scientific evidence we have that god is not needed to explain life and the universe, which is a tremendous amount.




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