What games are you most looking forward to that haven't yet been released?

I'm looking forward the most to Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Dead Redemption. I've pre-ordered both thru Gamestop.

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Ill admit im a PC gamer and actually dispise consoles (if it wasnt for them supcom2 might have been amazing)

so the games im most looking forward to are civilisation 5 and (though im not sure if anyone has heard of it epic and all as it looks Achron.

i was excited about napoleon total war, sup com 2 and c&c4 and all were dreadfull. so im worried about getting excited anymore
Looking forward to try out a game called "Sniper:Ghost warrior",after watching some gameplay videos on Youtube,the first impression was - lol,this one is a camper's paradise indeed.Of course there are other games i like to play,like Starcraft 2,Fallout New Vegas and so on...
Mafia 2

Civilization 5

Since my original post here Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Dead Redemption have been released. The latest upcoming release I am most looking forward to now is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. The new multiplayer on it looks kick ass.

I know this is an old topic but ass of right now:

Doom 4

Crysis 2

Mass Effect 3


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